Nowadays, the internet has become a very vital part of our social lives. With the help of social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram helps us to be in touch with our friends and our closed ones.

Online dating and hookup websites are one of the most modern methods of meeting with new partners in your life. There are more than thousands of online dating sites all over the globe which is being used by people of all types having different lives and interests.

Here is the pick if the famous dating sites that can be preferred:

  • Match. com

Match is one of the most popular dating sites that claim to lead more dates than any other sites. It has millions of members which proves that there is someone for everyone. It is very popular among almost 24 countries and territories which provides a great opportunity for singles to find someone special.

It costs £12.99 per month for a 6-month membership.

  • Lumen

Lumen is another modern dating app which is designed for people above the age of 50 to meet real and genuine like-minded singles. Bio of Lumen contains a minimum of 3 photos with a complete detailed bio. It has around 350,000 members which justify that the connections are endless.

It’s free!

  • eHarmony – UK Best Dating Site

If you are really looking for love, then eHarmony provides you the best platform. eHarmony has made research for around 35 years to finally conclude on making matches based on key dimensions which result to be a long term relationship and connect with the people who are really comfortable with them.

It costs £9.95 per month membership.

  • Lovestruck

Lovestruck is another very popular dating site which helps in making connections based on the location around many popular cities around the globe. This dating site is mainly focused on the individuals who are unable to date someone due to the huge burden of their work. This site also conducts several events which provide a better fun and relaxed way to date people.

It costs £16 per month membership.

  • DatingDirect

DatingDirect works with a very high-tech technology which helps in finding the proper match for singles. It has around 20 million users all over Europe. This dating site allows to find the potential dates without cost, but if someone is willing to find someone with a fancy way of conversation, then you need to subscribe.

It costs £12.99 per month membership.

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  • Tastebuds

This dating site follows a unique algorithm to make connections. It makes the music-based connection which helps in indicating a similar taste in music between different people. It is a very fun and relaxed dating website which introduces an individual with new songs.

It costs £8 per month for new members.

  • BeautifulPeople. com

This website only allows people who are deemed beautiful enough to join. This site requires voting by the existing members of the opposite sex which decides for an individual to join in this site. Existing members are allowed to rate the new applicants within a 48 hour time period.

It costs £7.50 per month membership.

  • Mysinglefriend

Mysinglefriend is one of the most popular dating site made by the famous TV actor Sarah Beeny. This dating site works by describing a friend to each member of the site. This dating site provides a better platform so that similar-minded people can meet and potentially develop feelings for each other.

It costs £13 per month membership.

  • Tinder

Tinder is another one of the most famous location-based dating sites which have millions of users. It allows the user to like or dislike someone and allows users to chat among them if both the parties like each other. It is free to use unless a user opts for app-in purchase which makes easier for them to use.

It costs from $9.99 per month for an in-app purchase.

  • OkCupid

OkCupid is one of the most popular dating sites all over the globe having more than 30 million active users. This dating site uses an outstanding algorithm which helps in making proper connections between the individuals.

It costs $4.96 to $9.95 per month membership.

I have provided you with some of the most popular best dating sites that might be very helpful in finding your perfect match and a very loving and caring partner. If you know any more best dating sites which are not listed above, feel free to tell us in the comments section below.