In today era of technology, most of us depend on our technological gadgets. From office work to house hold tasks we use different tech devices to help us. These tech devices have made our lives more comfortable and luxurious. But what we will do if we could not reach to an electrical plug to charge these gadgets?

That’s why portable chargers are now getting common everywhere in world. One can easily charge one’s mobile phone or tablet anywhere with this handy power bank. Custom power bank sticks are smaller in size than usual power banks. It looks like a small plastic stick and has the capability to charge all type of tech devices that have USB port within them.

Use of Custom Power Bank Stick

First you simply attach it to an electric power supply plug and it will save the electric power according to its capacity. Then remove it from the plug and attach your mobile with power bank through its USB cable. It will charge your mobile battery.

Different Styles f Custom Power Bank Stick

  • MOTA Battery Stick; this MOTA 2600 mAh portable charger has flashlight and port adapters.

  • New stick; this 2600 mAh portable charger has plastic cover, and also has USB power plug and micro USB recharge port.

  • Just white Power Bank Emergency Custom Charger; this 2200 mAh portable power bank takes 4 hours to completely charge. It also has a USB cable.

  • Acesori Power Stick Blue; this 2600 mAh handy charger has blue plastic material cover. It also has USB cable and port.

  • Random Order Portable Backup Battery Power Bank Stick; it has 2800 mAh capacity. It also has LED flashlight.

  • Justin Power Stick Pink; it has 2600 mAh capacity. It is very light weight and it has plastic material.

  • Mint 2600mah Portable Charger USB Power Bank Stick; this 2600 mAh portable charger has flashlight.

Product Feature

  1. It is made of plastic material.

  2. It is available with different capacities to charge like 2600 mAh, 2200 mAh e.t.c.

  3. It is very light in weight and available in different colors and styles.

  4. It is very small in size and you can easily carry it anywhere.

  5. It has LED flashlight that can be used as torch.

  6. It can charge all tech devices that have USB port.

  7. It also has charging USB cable.

  8. It also has LED lights to show the power supply backup.