Modern and the latest android devices use MTP or PTP protocol to connect android devices to PC. Well, it was easy for the older devices when older devices were compatible with USB Mass Storage Mode. Now various kinds of USB connections are available to connect android device with PC using USB Mass Storage Mode.

This is the standard protocol to connect any device with the external devices. USB Mass Storage Mode is used to transfer the files among the devices. Here we are learning to connect Android device to a computer with an old way. Connecting your storage to PC will need an extra effort now to connect android devices to PC. You can turn on and off the storage access with your device.


The contemporary way to connect the Android with computers is attaching it with the cable and using MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) or PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) modes. MTP will allow you to transfer media files like audio and digital files. Using this option, you will see your device storage like USB storage from where you can browse and transfer files. PTP protocol will appear like a digital camera to grab photos from your device and copy or transfer them into your computer.

Using USB Mass Storage

This method is quite different from special versions of android. You can find what method to apply for your device.

For Android 2.1-2.3.7

If you have Sony Xperia, Samsung galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S or S2, HTC Desire, HTC Sensation or Kindle Fire etc with Android 2.1-2.3.7 use this method;

Step 1: Turn on USB bugging from Settings to applications to development to USB debugging

Step 2: connect your Android device with your computer through data cable

Step 3: from your android device menu find USB Drive Connected and click on it.

For Android 4.0-4.1.2

The Android devices such as Samsung galaxy S3 or Nexus, HTC desire X/V/C, HTC One X/V/C, LG Optimus L5 or G, Kindle Fire HD and more have this version. Check your device version and if it has 4.0-4.1.2; follow this method.

Step1: Go to Settings and click on USB utilities

Step2: Check “Connect Storage to PC” option

Step 3: Plug the USB Cable; a screen appear with connected message

USB Drive Mass Storage Window will appear and tap ok observing green icon turning orange.

For Android 4.2

For the latest Google Nexus 4, Samsung galaxy S4 and Google Nexus 10 with Android version 4.2; here is the way;

Step 1: Go to settings to About Phone to Build Number

Step 2: Tap on build number constantly for 7 times; the device will indicate you on the 3rd tap that you have 4 taps to go to become a developer

Step 3: Developer options will be added in the list. Click on USB debugging from Develop options.