Картинки по запросу

Let’s say you are a graduate student which looking for the best job opportunities available on the market. And most of the employers will want to see some relevant job experience on your resume.

However, where can you get one if most of your time is dedicated to studying? The answer is simple: summer internships.

Many companies hire young specialists as interns. They are willing to train you and offer some work which requires only minimum knowledge. It is a win-win situation, so don’t hesitate to apply for an internship of your dream!

Nevertheless, considering a significant number of students willing to get such an internship, there are several secrets which will make you an outstanding candidate. So, check our list of tips which will help you with this.

Five tips on how to get an internship

# Create a perfect resume

Start with the main thing which might or might not get you a position: your resume. Seek help with personal statement or create it yourself. But remember that no matter what way you choose, it has to be perfect.

You might not have prior job experience; however, certain activities you were involved in around the campus might do. List every experience you believe is relevant to the position you picked and describe why you think such a background makes you a perfect candidate for the position.

Meanwhile, state what skills you have for the subjects related to the area. Employers want to see how well you understand what exactly you will have to deal with on a daily basis. Besides, your grades demonstrate how determined and organized you are.

Another important thing about your resume is the keywords you use in it. The latest trend a lot of employers use today is scanning resumes and only checking ones which have proper keywords. You can analyze what keywords are used in the job description and use them in your CV.

So, this is your number one responsibility; that’s why make it perfect.

# Start early

There are several meanings of the “early” we refer to here.

First of all, we highly recommend that you apply for internships starting from winter, as most companies start the search earlier in order to have options and to get the best candidates. So, searching should begin in advance.

One should also start searching for internship opportunities during their first years of university. This will enrich their experience and make them a better employee years later. Thus, applying for an internship earlier is also a great idea!

# Create your own brand

You are not begging for work here. You are letting a potential employee a chance to benefit from your knowledge, energy, as well as never-ending creativity you will bring to their company as an intern.

Thus, before applying for an internship make sure you have the right mindset.

On top of that, list all of your strengths and skills. Don’t add things you are not capable of: lying or exaggerating is never a good idea. However, don’t shy away either. You need to sell your brand.

Don’t underestimate the power of your good communication skills or distinct leadership qualities. Employers like it when their staff is proactive and willing to seize new opportunities.

All in all, list all of your strengths.

# Networking helps

Even before you start sending out resumes to the companies you are dreaming of working for, you should create a proper network. For instance, you can attend professional fair help at your campus and contact representatives of companies which you are interested in. Apart from that, you can attend various exhibitions and other events organized for students and create the network with people. Such contacts can help you later, because when applying for an internship, it’s better to have someone you know and have made a good impression on to contact. Besides, you can ask them to create a good recommendation letter for you.

So, networking is quite important for young professionals. Don’t lose a chance to take advantage of it.

# Aim for the sky

You don’t have much to lose in case your application is turned down. However, you might blow a chance of getting a traineeship of your dream.

Therefore, if you are willing to work for a company which is currently a leader in the market, send them your resume with an impressive cover letter explaining why you believe you fit their requirements. This might be a one-time opportunity.

However, bear in mind that when applying for the internship in prominent companies, you need to make sure you are studying in a relevant field or have the required knowledge. For instance, if your major is social studies, don’t apply for an internship at a bank.

So, don’t be afraid to aim for the sky; but keep in mind a correct direction.

It’s time to wrap it all up. These tips demonstrate what most hirers offering a traineeship to young people want to see. Demonstrate why you are a true asset to a company and impress the employers with your determination.

Take all need time for creating a good resume and believe in yourself and you can get an internship about which you dream. Good luck you in your search!