Foot massage is the easiest, smartest, and most efficient method to relax your body and brain. It is based on the tenets of foot reflexology and involves applying load on key points in the foot to get profits.

There’s no more suitable way to treat a friend or someone to give their sore feet a wonderful foot massage. Here are a few ways for giving a foot massage anyone would enjoy.

Put yourself into the proper position

At first, you should put yourself in a supine position. This will help you to massage your foot easily.

Cover the resting surface of the feet with a towel

This will contribute to keeping any cream or massage oil from staining the work area.

Give a foot wash

Allow feet to soak in a bucket of warm to hot water for up to ten minutes.

  • Add oils or foaming gel to the water.
  • Softly rub the feet after soaking to get rid of any dirt.
  • Towel dirty feet when finished.

Choose a lube or lotion to work with

Lubes turn to be thicker than lotions and work well for foot massages. Lubes work to soften the rough calluses on the bottom of feet.

  • You can purchase lubes and lotions that are created for foot massages at many beauty supply shops.
  • Make your unique combination of lubes and lotions to use for the foot massage.


Warm the lube or cream this will create it more comfortable for you to receive massage.

Hold your foot at the bottom and start rubbing. Then slowly go down of your foot. Apply more load as you get closer to the sole. Opposite trends and rub the foot moving slowly towards the top, decreasing stress as you go.

Massage at the bottom or heel of the foot. By using your thumbs make small circles with medium to heavy pressure. Work your move around the entire heel.

Use cross-fiber was rubbing on the heels of the feet. This means you use your finger to push up and down on the heel. While one finger is pushing up, the other should be pushing down.

Use a fist to massage the curve of the foot. With your mitt closed in a fist, use the tops of your fingers to apply pressure to the curve. Roll your mitt back and forth to rub down the skin gently.


Rub the toes. Drop time on each toe.

  • Go to each toe and softly pull on it. This may effort the joint to pop, but unless it causes the person irritation, do this thing on each toe.
  • Drop time was moving it back and forth, rubbing the base of each toe with your index and thumb if desired.
  • Softly slide all five fingers between each of the toes all the same time, while massaging a small amount of massage lube or cream between each one.

Final words

Foot massage has been practiced for many centuries for its various prosperity. Our feet accommodate greater than 7,000 nerves. As you can see, foot massage is a lot more favorable to both physical and mental health. While massage machines can sometimes be a bit costly, there are plenty of tutorials ready online that can help you discover the different styles of DIY foot massage.