As a gift to travel enthusiasts across the world, yesterday (September 19, 2016) Google launched its travel app called Google Trips for Android & iOS that offers a number of advanced features to make people’s vacation and travels as convenient as they can get.

Google Trips traveler help mobile application

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Due to a leak earlier this year, it was already known that Google is working on a travel app. Now that the app is finally out, it comes with a bunch of exciting features as expected. Here are few major ones:

  • The app will fetch data from Google maps and use other crowd-sourced information to offer a personalized travel guide to users
  • Time-constrained trip planning to allow uses to travel & experience more in limited time
  • Gathers travel reservation related information from your Gmail account, and more

Find out more about Google Trips in this video released by Google.

Also, share with us what’s your take on this new release by Google.