survey by Haris Interactive based on personal online reputation management reveals that 75% of the U.S population search their name on Google to find out what the Internet says about them and approx 48% don’t like the results. That’s alarming!

A bad personal online reputation can adversely affect an individual’s professional and personal life. Once something is published on the Internet about you, it leaves a mark for a long-term, be it good or bad. So, it’s highly important to remain aware of what the Internet is telling the world about you and adopt some personal reputation repair tips to take timely necessary actions to avoid and correct it.

Here, our researchers spoke with top reputation managers at Upreports Infotech to come up with this article and share some of the best personal online reputation tips, ideas, and hacks.

Let’s walk through this amazing list of online reputation management hacks & tips for individuals that will help you take control of your Internet reputation.

Track your Reputation

Awareness is the key when it comes to reputation management for individuals. This tip of being aware is the initiation step of personal online reputation management. Always remain conscious of your online reputation in order to take a timely action. Use personal online reputation management tools like Reputology to get notified about defamatory remarks and reputation threats. This is the first step towards best online reputation management for individuals.

Like they say “Prevention is better than cure”, keeping a vigilant eye on your online presence is a great personal online reputation management technique that works wonders.

Fire Up Your Social Media Game

Social media is so powerful that 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions. Social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest if optimized correctly can appear in top Google pages for name driven searches. So, start leveraging social media for your personal online reputation management. Update posts and images regularly & connect with other people frequently. Make sure to monitor your social media activities closely for mentions of your name to handle your individual online reputation.

Become Author in Media Sites

Google says, “If you can get stuff that you want people to see to outperform the stuff you don’t want them to see, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of harm that negative or embarrassing content can do to your reputation.” That’s some solid personal reputation repair tip from the Internet “God” itself. Start publishing blogs and making contributions to high authority media sites and magazines in order to overshadow the visibility of any negative content or article online.

Buy Your Name Domain

One of the best reputation management tip for individuals is to create a website using your name as the domain. Pretty simple this is; all you have to do is buy a domain closest to your name and add legit and genuine information for your readers. Always remember to avoid misleading content on the website and make sure that your name is on the website as much as possible. Just registering your domain name is not enough though. 

Make sure that you update your website with interesting content frequently. This will help you make a speedy reputation recovery.

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Create Blogs on Top Blogging Publishing Platforms

Publishing blog posts on high authority blogging sites is yet another amazing tip for individual online reputation management. Write engaging content for platforms like Medium and publish frequently even if the content is not long-form in nature. Besides publishing as frequently as possible, it is also important to optimize your blogging channels correctly so that they appear for your name. Getting the URL right is a major online reputation tip for individuals.

Loving the personal reputation management tips and ideas? We have more! Check out these awesome  online reputation management strategies  from top online reputation management agency will skyrocket your digital reputation.

Contribute to Popular Communities

There is no dearth of discussion forums, online communities, and QA sites which can be channelized to create personal brand assets. Join such channels relevant to your line of work and be an active part of it by making contributions. The idea that almost always works is to create interesting topics in forums and engage with other users. This will definitely increase your online visibility. If your posts are legitimate  and helpful, then, your personal profile will gain authority and contribute in building your personal reputation online.

Try to Get Negativity Removed

It totally sucks to see negative blogs, media content, photos, and reviews published about you on the Internet. This is especially true for working professionals, budding artists, young politicians, entertainers, and media personalities. While pushing down negative resources from search results is time consuming, the easiest way to handle bad resources is contacting the author, website owner or publisher to request a take-down.

The chances of succeeding with this are bleak but if the source of negativity agrees, you will save a lot of hard work and money. Hence, this online reputation trick for individuals is must-try before hiring personal reputation management services. Don’t fall prey at the hands of money mongers though! Some sites post fake content to later ask for money in exchange for content removal. The best way forward to to discuss your case with top reputation experts.

Create Fan Pages or Clones

This personal reputation management strategy is best for emerging artists, media personnel, politicians, entertainers, and every one who is preparing for bigger spotlight in future. Create fan pages for yourself and publish your work, quotes, blogs, photos, profile links, video content, and anything you can get hold of to make them highly relevant for name related searches.

Build a strong relationship with your followers and well-wishers on social media platforms so that you have more content to push on such fan pages. This personal online reputation management strategy can generate huge results in terms of reputation recovery as well as personal branding.

Don’t Engage with Negative Resources

Ask any reputation management agency online and the first thing they will tell you is to stop interacting and engaging with the negative resources. Clicking on such links again and again will only increase its authority because clicks send the signal that the resource is relevant. For instance, if a website has posted something slanderous about you, then, stop going back to it again and again. Don’t read comments or reply to them unless you have consulted someone with ORM expertise. 

Individuals are not the only ones who have to deal in bad online reputation. Businesses and brands struggle with it all the time. Steal brand reputation management tips and ideas from them as well!

Make amends 

Sometimes, reputation threats emerge from wrongs done from our end. The best thing to do for repairing personal reputation attacks emerging from an aggrieving source is to make amends. If you’re guilty of making an honest mistake and accepting it won’t lead to more damage, accepting it can be one of the options that can be explored.

If Internet people can accept Logan Paul’s apology on YouTube after the dead body disaster in Japan, then, you have a chance as well. That said, this action requires serious thought before implementation. 

That wraps up all!

Above are the 10 best personal online reputation management tips shared by reputation managers at Upreports Infotech to help you repair and maintain your individual online reputation. Did we forget to mention some tips? If you think so, then, please share some personal reputation management tips with us in the comment section and we will consider the same for inclusion!

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