The career choices in the contemporary world are changing and being an engineer and doctor is no more a fancy profession for the students of today. Furthermore, there are a number of other opportunities than the professional degrees. While choosing the right course, the students need to consider many factors like their dominant interests, what motivates them the most, the kind of work they see themselves doing in the long term and life goals. Having said that below are few offbeat options that the students can pursue.

1. Event Management

An Event Manager is responsible for organizing and handling even a small event successfully. Be it a party, some fest or marriage ceremony, the management part plays a very crucial role. The demand for Event Managers is growing tremendously. After doing this course, you can run your own business company or you can even join someone else. There are many degrees offered in this field like Diplomas, Post Graduate Diploma Course or even an MBA in Event Management. The students can opt the course based on their constraints and career needs.

2. Animation Design

Animation has diverse applications be it in the advertisements, blogs or books. The cartoon channels also use the animation design and it is one of the most popular courses these days. The student can pursue B.Sc. in Animation, Diploma in Animation and courses in 3D Animation as well as Digital Graphics Animation. Multimedia courses are a good option if you want to study in United States.

3. Social Media Management

The requirement of social media management is increasing in the contemporary scenario. The number of worldwide social media are expected to grow up to 2.5 billion by the year 2018. The need for social media managers is high. This makes it a very good and unconventional career option to pursue.

4. Data Analysis

The need of data analysis is prevalent in all the industries. The data generated is huge and there is an expected surge in this field. Not only is this useful considering the demand in the market but is also immensely interesting.

5. Spa Management

Spa Management is a new and better option for the students pursuing their higher studies. Students can either opt for the diploma or degree courses. After doing the course you can start your own business. Even though Spa Management is easy to learn it is only available mostly in the big cities. One can either get a Spa Management Certificate or Spa and Hospitality Management degree. One can also get a bachelor’s degree in the same.

6. Biotechnology

The number of students going for the academic research especially in biology and pharmaceuticals has increased. There will be a tremendous number of opportunities owing to the expenses pertaining to Bio spaces. The students need a prerequisite background in Mathematics and Science. It is one of the popular courses to study in the UK. There are over 400 dedicated companies for bio-science. The growth in the sector is around 30% per annum.

7. Video Editing

Video editing is nothing but the skill of editing the recorded videos. This includes editing the raw video as per the concept. The video is edited in various software pertaining to the themes such as marriage, media, film etc. The degrees in video editing are Master of Arts in Film and TV, MFA in Media Design.

8. Food Chemist

Students who have a keen interest or knowledge about food can take up this course. Food chemists check the quality of the food. The students who take up this course can become a cook later or can also teach other people and conduct classes. The popular courses in the same are B.Sc. in Food Chemistry, M.Sc. in Food Chemistry and M.Sc. in Biochemistry.

9. Accounting

The businesses will see exponential growth in the Accounting and Auditing. Taking into account the fast changing trends in the economic policies and the various amendments in financial laws the need for accounting is huge.

10. Fashion Designing

The fashion industry is very dynamic and there is a lot of competition in the same. There is a lot of demand for the designer dresses mostly because of the film industry and also otherwise. In general, the people want to dress up well for various events like marriages, events, birthday parties and different occasions. The courses available in the field are in accessory design, textile design, interior design or fashion design. Fashion designing is a very famous course in Australia. There are various scholarships to study in Australia which can be availed by the students.

The preferences and choices of the students are changing and they are applying for unconventional careers. This is a good option and helps them in exploring the different career options.