No matter how carefully you drive, accidents can always happen. Stress significantly increases if you are driving a rented car. Since it is not your personal car, you need to drive more responsibly. The best way to handle the situation is to show the same genuine concern you are expected to show on your personal vehicle accident. Rental companies generally appreciate customer’s honest attitude and don’t create further issues for their customers. Credit Card Company usually bears all damages so that you can enjoy an easy ride.

Below I am sharing a simple safety checklist to drive a rental car without crashing and causing the accidents.

Avoid reckless driving

Whether you are driving alone or commuting with family, totally avoid reckless driving. Don’t over speed and keep a safe distance, wear your eyeglasses and avoid using a cell phone and playing loud music on radio, if you think it may distract your attention. Also, take care of your surrounding and identify if another driver is over speeding, overtaking or coming from the wrong direction. Despite taking care, if you eventually face an accident, don’t be panic and try to rescue you and your family.

If possible call the rental

Unfortunately, you may have hit by another vehicle, soon after getting out of the danger zone, inform your rental service. Inquire them about their policies they may have settled down to handle such incidents. Don’t assume anything on your own.

Speak with insurance agency to see the coverage

Once you have spoken with the service provider, next person whom you should inform about the collision is your personal auto insurance agency. Ask them whether they provide any coverage on the self-driving rental car. Also, ensure if they register the incident report on their own or you need to contact with local police to proceed the registration. If the personal policy doesn’t provide any coverage, you will be probably paying for the damages. Savvy customers always check their personal insurance and credit card to see whether they offer such coverage, or they should consider purchasing the rental insurance.

Document the damage as soon as you recover

Neither your personal insurance offers any coverage, nor have you purchased insurance from the rental firm, document damages for proof. If you have taken the picture before driving the rented vehicle, you can share them with the officials, so they can compare it with the present condition of the vehicle to estimate the damage. This will facilitate both to efficiently negotiate the issues without making conflicts.

Get your belongings picked up before it is towed to workshop

In case the body is broken and damaged to such an extent, which makes it temporarily non-functional. Then it has to be towed to the workshop for necessary repair and maintenance. Make sure you ask them to grab all the personal stuff you might have put in the dashboard, trunk and different compartments and handed it to you. Also, enquire about the exact location of the garage where the car is towed. Mostly, customers are responsible for bearing the expenses of towing as no insurance policy cover this expense.

Ask these questions in advance

However, you will be informing your rental company in case of any mishap, asking them few questions in advance will protect you from facing surprising situations. The questions include:

  • What they expect clients to document damages?
  • What is the most preferred way to record damages either in written or in the form of photographs?
  • What other information is requires? (Date, time, location)
  • How, when and where will they send a replacement car?
  • How will they receive payments for crashed auto and replacement vehicle?

Purchase an optional rental insurance

Provided that your personal policies and credit card is not offering any coverage, then don’t delay purchasing the insurance provided by the rental company. This will help you to overcome the concerns and give you the complete peace of mind.

Summary: Accidents are never pleasant to experience whether you are driving your personal car or hiring a car rental at Doha airport. However, if you exactly know the process to tackle accidental situation, stress will be reduced significantly.