Gardening has no limitations. Be it planting various new kinds of shrubs or be it installing beautiful garden ornaments, there is no stop to making your very own garden a little piece of paradise where you can relax, enjoy and also show off to people who visit your place. Reading a book, sipping on the morning tea or doing power yoga alone, gathering up with family for a relaxing dinner or throwing an extravagant barbeque party outdoors, the garden is one area which receives a lot of traffic and thus you need to make it attractive.

There is no such thing like a beautiful water fountain which can become the focal point of your garden if you choose the right one and decorate it properly. Now, you must be thinking how to decide which water feature will suit your garden and what are the factors you should consider while buying one.

  • Consider the size of your garden – The first point which matters is the size of your garden. If you have a large garden, then you can invest on an extravagant water feature to add drama to your garden. But if you have both the water features i.e. a pond and a water fountain, then do buy a small water fountain otherwise your garden will end up looking clumsy. People who are not lucky enough to own a house with a large garden, then also you don’t need to lose heart. You will get really pretty fountains which wouldn’t take up a lot of space. For bigger areas, opt for the three-tiered water fountains.

  • Consider the sound of the waterfall – If you stay in a noisy neighbourhood, then opt for water fountains which make a lot of sounds. But if you are lucky to stay in a peaceful neighbourhood then you can choose any. Ask your retailer about this before purchasing Water Features Adelaide.

  • Do you need privacy from your neighbourhood? – Well if you do, then consider installing wall fountains. Now you must be thinking what that is. Look up the internet to see the pictures and how it will help you get rid of nosy neighbours or intruders. The dribbling water effect will form a spectacular view in your garden area and it will be one of your favorite spots in the garden where you can relax and enjoy your tea and talk with friends. The copper or glass dolphins Water Features Perth are quite common and have the ability to glam up any garden.


  • Make sure it goes with the theme – If your entire house is made in a very classic and contemporary style, then you can go for a wall fountain but if your house has a very traditional look and feel, the three-tiered fountains with intricate designs will be best for your garden. Make sure that the fountain goes with the theme of the rest of the house. You don’t want a garden ornament to look like it has popped from nowhere.

  • And is it easy to clean? – Well, installing a water feature and leaving it just like that wouldn’t do any good to your garden if it is lying there all dirty and full of debris. And thus, you have to ask the retailer if it is easy to clean or not. Generally, cleaning it with a vinegar solution or soapy scum once every week helps, but if your retailer tells you about some complicated procedure, don’t settle for this company. And if there are some stubborn marks, water pressure generally works.

Now, you know the tips of choosing the right Water Features Perth. So why delay? Contact your nearest garden ornaments supplier and start decorating your patio.

Author Bio: Lily James is a lifestyle blogger and here she writes about ways of choosing the right Water Features Perth. Consider the mentioned points before buying Water Features Adelaide.