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4 Fundamental Ways of Dealing with Online Reviews

The world of business is going through a phase of the radical revolution. The e-commerce, the social media, and the websites are promoting business and brand alike. But the digital platform also has a negative side that is more powerful than its positivity.

You might get indulged in promoting your brand online completely oblivious of something serious brewing out there on the web.

  1. What is brewing against you?

The customer reviews are like social media posts; in fact, they have the far greater effect on your brand image. Unfortunately, the bad ones are the much celebrated among the customers and search engines.

When you have bad customer reviews or complaints, you need to remove consumer complaints as soon as possible; otherwise, Google is going to pull it out and throw at your customers who search for your product and services. Now, that is not a good news for any customer right at the initial stage of the search, it can dispel and it does more often than not.

  1. Dealing with reviews:

There are a vast number of review and complaints sites operating in the market. For instance, the Yelp reviews. This site’s users highly trust the reviews published here on this site. If you have not made a business profile, then you must open an account on this site because customers trust this site.

The study suggests that a bad review is more likely to spread faster than the good ones. Hence, it is important that you monitor your brand mentions on the web. You can use various monitoring tools to know what your consumers are talking about you.

  1. Responding to the reviews:

The reviews can mar your reputation but if you can respond to reviews intelligently, then you can use them to your advantage. First, it is not possible to be 100% perfect, if your online presence shows that, then you’re are sending fake flags fluttering around.

When a customer posts a bad review, it is important to understand that the person is not happy with you. Now, any kind of excuses or verbal argument will never satisfy him. All you need to do is to provide him contact info and bring the conversation off the review site to offer him a solution.

When a customer sends you a good review to your email, make sure that you request the person to put the review on a review site of his/her choice. In that way, you are going to garner greater benefits from genuine reviews. Buying reviews is just a beautifully ugly idea. Never do that.

But at times, you will find yourself dealing with reviews that are too serious and critical like serious Yelp review that threatens to smash your brand. How are you going to remove bad yelp reviews?

  1. Removing the reviews from the site:

You might try all the proven methods of responding to a bad review but some things are not just as simple as it looks. Hence, you need to find expert online reputation management company that can deal with bad reviews and manage your brand reputation online.