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5 Smart Tools for DIY projects

If you like doing projects yourself, then here is a list of 5 smart tools for DIY projects:

1. SmarTech

If you use a lot of battery operated tools then the SmarTech connected batteries are perfect for you. It is very easy to misplace your batteries or cordless tools. Many people take your tools without even asking for your permission. Children also start taking the tools without asking their parents especially when the reach a certain age. In order to solve this problem, Black & Decker have created SmarTech so that you can easily disable the batteries right from your phone. This device runs with Bluetooth. So if the tool is out of Bluetooth’s range, you won’t be able to disable it. This tool comes very handy if somebody borrows your tool without taking your permission at work. You can also see that how much is your battery charged with the help of an app. SmarTech also lets you charge your tablet, smartphone or a laptop anywhere in the world as they have also added a USB to the battery.

2. One Key

With the help of Milwaukee’s One Key, we can control the speed and torque of a drill with our smartphones. This is very useful especially when you don’t know which speed or torque to use for a specific material as there is a preloaded library in the app. This would result in decreased fastener stripping, damages and breakages.

Hat tip to Sam Murray from CheapContractPhones.org. uk for suggesting One Key by Milwaukee to us after reading this article.

3. Tool Connect

DeWalt also launched batteries that have almost the same features as SmarTech. The reason being that DeWalt is a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker. According to a news release there are some extra features in DeWalt’s Tool Connect that were missing in SmarTech. Tool Connect shows temperature notification so it would be easy to determine if your battery gets too hot. Tool Connect also warns the user if a battery goes outside the range of Bluetooth.

4. Phone Works

The smartphones are being used for many different purposes and for that they come quipped with extremely expensive sensors. In order to make smartphones affordable, many companies are trying to use them by adding some tools. Ryobi Phone Works are tools that can get attached to your phone so that you can use the phone with a lot of added features with no extra charges. Users can easily take photographs, take notes, email even if the device itself doesn’t have these features. With these tools, your phone can measure moisture, distance, project a laser or become a stud finder.

5. Matrix

Tools usually consists of a battery, a motor and a tool itself. We know that the motor is the most durable part of the tool. The Matrix Quick Connect System lets you have many tools fit into a single motor hence reducing the cost drastically. In case the motor is broken, you would just have to replace it instead of replacing the whole product.

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