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5 Tips to Identifying the Best Phone Plan for a Small Business

Studies reveal that most companies, be they big or small, waste as much as 40 percent of their budget on telecommunications. This prevalent problem arises from phone plans that are not compatible with the needs of the business as well as irresponsible usage of employees.

Wasting 40 percent of financial resources can negatively impact a company’s cash flow, especially if they are a small business just starting out. To stop the unnecessary and avoidable waste of resources, it pays to be more discriminating when choosing phone plans for your business.

How to Choose the Best Phone Plan for Your Small Business

Phone plans come in all shapes and sizes and it can be quite overwhelming to choose from the selection service providers have. Need a little help in shopping for a mobile phone plan that offers daily internet for you and your employees? Here are five useful tips for you.

1. Evaluate the business activities your company accomplishes using mobile phones.

Knowing all these will provide you a better idea of how plan features and service inclusions can support your operations. Once you have accurate information about your business requirements, you can make more “focused” choices. Narrowing the selection down will become so much easier.

2.  Take into account your employee and operational needs.

Do take into consideration the level of mobility certain employees require in accomplishing their daily tasks. If you have workers who are out of the office most of the time, it’s absolutely necessary that they have a reliable mobile phone service wherever they may be.

Aside from matching the phone plan with the work employees do, also consider how mobility can impact business processes. For one, the use of mobile payments has become more important and in demand than ever. If your small business needs to improve cash flow, consider mobile payments as it can make account transfers faster and easier. Indeed, the right company plan can help your business unlock solutions that lead to improved efficiencies and innovation.

3.  Check if your team needs the unlimited access to data included in phone plans.

Your business can save a lot of your operational funds by carefully studying unlimited services. For some organizations, an unlimited package is unnecessary. For others especially teams requiring heavy internet use and frequent mobile phone calls, a unified business mobile phone plan with unlimited calls or internet is the practical option.

Get an accurate reading of your business’s calling and messaging patterns. Do you make a lot of international calls or are your calls mostly local? If you make a lot of overseas phone calls, there are plans that are focused on these and offer low rates on international calls and messaging.

4.  Look for flexibility.

There are a few prepaid and postpaid plans that can be customized according to the requirements of users. Talk to your mobile plan services provider about your needs and the feasibility of getting a plan that can be conveniently scaled up or down.

When you have a growing business, you can’t have a phone plan that will lock you into unsatisfactory services. So, always inquire about flexibility and discuss your business dynamics and needs with your service provider.

5.  Choose a phone plan with a reputable service provider.

A great service provider does not only offer plans suitable for small businesses but is also known in the industry for high-quality performance. No matter how awesome a plan is or how seemingly compatible it is with your needs, if the service provider isn’t good, you won’t get great use out of what you’re paying for.

There are providers that promise a lot of good things but they fall short of delivery. Find a phone plan provider that’s truly as good as their word.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Phone Plan for a Small but Growing Business

Hooking up your business with the right phone plan can make a significant impact not just on your finances but also on the efficacy of your other processes. Listed below are some of the leading benefits that the right phone plan can provide your business.

1. You can streamline payments.

A great phone plan can make payment transactions a smooth process. You can have a digital wallet and transfer funds from it to vendors you’re working with. This money transfer capability is a quick, easy and convenient way to take care of financial accountabilities.

2. Your business can enjoy special perks.

If you’re considering a smart incentives and rewards program for your employees, a mobile phone plan you choose can definitely help with that. Postpaid mobile data plans, for example, offer valuable freebies and other perks for eligible account holders. Most of the time, these are transferable.

So, if you’re thinking of incentives to put into your rewards program, the right phone plan is clearly a wonderful thing to have.

3.     Smart expense management.

The perfect phone plan will prevent you from paying more than you should for communication services. It can also improve the work culture in your company because employees will need to be more responsible when it comes to using their monthly call package.

All in all, the finding a good corporate phone plan is a must. Discover and enjoy the business advantages it offers by carefully choosing the business phone plan that suits your needs.

AUTHOR BIO: Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.

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