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6 ideas To Market Your Next Charity Fundraiser Online

If you’re hosting a charity fundraiser, then you should make sure you can get as many people as possible to attend. After all, this will help you gather more money for your cause, and meet your goals. Of course, sending out the standard invitations is necessary, but you should try to maximize your audience reach. In addition, you need to make things as accessible as they can be, so that people can easily join your cause. 

So, you definitely need to promote your fundraiser online. This is the best medium to take those leads in, and get more attendees. In addition, even if people cannot make it to the event itself, you can let them donate to the fundraiser online. Here are a few online marketing ideas to make your fundraiser successful. 

Build an attractive landing page

You should start off with a fundraiser website which looks professional. This won’t be too hard to make, as long as you keep things simple. Add what your fundraiser is about, what organizations it is affiliated with, and how people can register or donate. Make sure all this information is displayed in an attractive manner, with no clutter involved. 

Furthermore, you should make sure you have a bunch of appealing infographics and images on this website as well, so that people can more easily understand what your event is about. Link this website in all your other online marketing mediums as well, so that people can confirm their attendance or make their donations there. If you’re making this a ticketed event, people should be able to get their tickets from the website. 

Set up a user-friendly payment portal

With any charity fundraiser, you should give people as many options as possible for their donations. It’s a good idea to set up a payment portal for fundraiser tickets or any donations people want to make. This portal should be user-friendly and secure, so do use reliable resources for this. 

With this, people should be able to directly pay for the fundraiser ticket or make donations of their own choice. Link this to the supported organizations’ bank account, and make sure donors get payment confirmation and email receipts for their payments as well, in order to ensure trust. 

Create an email marketing campaign

A sustained email marketing campaign can be quite helpful for your fundraiser. Use the charity email templates on PosterMyWall to make the emails for your promotion campaign, and then set them up in an email workflow. This will ensure that you have the whole campaign prepared in advance, and can automate it to get the best responses. 

Make sure you run this campaign using a tool which links to your email lists and also gives you constant data feedback, like the PosterMyWall email builder. In addition, personalize the text in the emails, and make it as concise and engaging as possible. 

Promote the event on social media

This is a given, but is often not done in the right way. Before you start randomly sharing your fundraiser link and promotion materials on social media, think about your target audience and their social media habits. Then, focus on the platforms and type of posts they go for. This also relates to your cause, so do your research before you implement your social media strategy.

Once you have a strategy, then start posting regularly on your social media platforms and engage with your audience there. Make sure you offer fundraiser details and share all the relevant links and information needed for them to contribute. 

Share videos related to your cause

While a picture speaks a thousand words, videos can do a lot more. So, depending on your cause, make short informational videos or human experience testimonials to show to your audience. This will help them feel closer to the cause, and be more motivated to buy tickets and donate. 

Encourage people to share these videos on social media, and put them on your social media pages as well. These should also be visible on your website, so that all your online marketing mediums have this level of connection. 

Create a blog

A blog is a great way to raise awareness about your cause and promote your fundraiser as well. When you have a blog, you won’t just be able to promote your upcoming fundraiser, but all your other campaigns as well. 

Therefore, you should use this medium to update your audience, build interest, gather loyal patrons to the cause, and promote your charity fundraisers. You can use the blog to keep people informed about your organization’s progress as well. Just make sure this blog has an attractive layout and is updated regularly. 

In conclusion, there are many ways you can promote your next charity fundraiser online. Utilize all your mediums at hand in the best way possible, and you’re sure to gather decent amounts of money for your cause.

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