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7 Clever Steps to Create a Youtube Channel and Get Views

The Internet has taken the world by storm, and utube has been a significant proponent in it. It is a website that mostly hosts video content, and anyone with a subscription can post contents in it and expect views for popularity, promotion, and revenue generation.

Whenever someone encounters a problem in life, they generally resort to YouTube to find a solution, ranging from opening the cap of a new kind of jar to solving complex scientific problems. The range of videos is so diverse that one can find a video related to almost everything. In fact, according to a survey, more than 1.5 billion people watch videos on utube each day. Yes, you read that right.

It is the testimony of the fact that YouTube is the best platform to catch the attention of a large number of audiences, and it comes only after social media giants Facebook. It is also partly since people find video content more compelling and enriching than a write-up.

Despite the gold mine of opportunity being there, you might sometimes feel betrayed and frustrated for a low view count even when you upload a video on YouTube. You can deal with this issue by youtube views buy. There must be something that you are not doing right. Here are a few tips for dealing with this problem and increasing your views on YouTube as well.

Make a Utube Channel

Before you start uploading content on YouTube, you must have a verified account and channel first, which will be your portal of entry into this world. Guess what? The chances are that you already have an account. If you have any sign-ups using Google, Gmail is the most common one, you automatically have an account with the same name on YouTube as well, as they are all synced.

Just go to YouTube and check. You will find an icon with the picture of the google account on the top right-hand corner. Voila, you are good to go. In case you have never been associated with any Google related features, then create one, and your YouTube sign up happens automatically.

Create great video content

Ok so now your channel is ready to function, and so the next obvious step is to upload content. There is no fail-step formula for putting up videos that will fetch you a maximum number of views on YouTube. However, Gen-Y is an intelligent lot, and credible content has more probability of getting likes. “How-to” videos generally get a lot of views as YouTube is not only a source of entertainment anymore but is also used for education. Dhaval Patel Photography helps you to get some stunning images to create a professional video.

How to unbox a phone, how to convert your old shirt into a new fashionable one, how to get rid of mosquitoes, anything that comes to your mind can be made into a video. Make sure that the content is genuine though if you want your viewer to remain interested in it and willingly want to see more about you.

Edit your videos professionally

There are a lot of videos out there that are created using a simple mobile video camera and are uploaded nonchalantly. Using that strategy, you are guaranteed not to get a lot of views unless your stars of destiny are aligned in the best possible manner. Therefore, before uploading, you should edit your videos professionally.  It should give an impression to the viewer that you are interested in your work. Thus, more and more people will flock to your channel daily.

Encourage existing viewers to subscribe

There is an age-old saying that the best way to get new customers is through the old ones. It is applicable for YouTube views as well. You must convert someone who is viewing your videos frequently into a subscriber for your channel. They will get notified about every new video being uploaded by you, and it will keep the viewers interested throughout. There is no denying the fact that the more the number of subscribers, more will be the views as well. You can even highlight the bell icon and keep taking the attention of the viewer to the subscribe button for better results.

Create playlists to keep people watching

This is based on the theory of love aversion. This theory states that a person would keep doing something he or she likes and not stop it rather than starting a new thing of liking. This can be extrapolated on the concept of creating playlists on YouTube as well. If a video is already playing and a viewer likes it, they will not exist, and you can make them keep viewing more and more videos of yours. Simply putting it, people are more reluctant to hit the stop button than the play button, and a playlist with a list of videos is the ideal way to use this technique.

Promote other videos with end screens and cards

It is probably a good idea to include end screens and cards in between and the end of the video so that people get the option of checking out other stuff by you. Cards generally pop-up in between the video playback while end screens, as the name suggests, comes after your video gets over and there is an overall optimization. These videos should be related to the video that a viewer is already on as their mindset is directed towards a particular niche in a specific period of time.

Experiment with ads

Advertisements are one of the most common video representatives on the internet today, and YouTube allows the integration of these ads in the video seamlessly. Therefore, you should make use of this feature and create promotional ads. You can also monetize your own videos to make some revenues.

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps, you can rest assured that the total number of views on utube will maximize in a very short period of time, something that you desired in the first place.

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