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7 Common Types of Business Videos

If you scroll down the feed in any social media, soon you’ll find out that videos have taken over the Internet. They are used in various fields – entertainment, education, marketing, and so on. So why not take advantage of it and reach the hearts of our potential customers using such a powerful tool? Today, you’ll discover 7 main types of business videos, so read the article till the end to see which works best for your project. 

1. Commercial Video

Commercial videos are made for raising awareness of a company, product, or service. They typically last from 30 seconds to 1 minute, but no longer. Commercials give a glimpse of your product and attract potential clients. In this kind of video, you don’t have to explain the details or show how to use your product – all you need to do is make the audience excited about what you do. 

2. Product Demo Video

Want to tell about your product? Then show it in action. Demo videos are more suitable for this task. What is especially important is to figure out who is going to watch the demo video – has the viewer heard of your brand or are they already using your products? Such videos are normally about 1-4 minutes long – don’t get into too much detail. Instead, keep it brief. Just let the viewers know what problems can be solved and how. 

3. Social Media Video 

Videos on social media have lots of styles and genres. The most commonly used platforms for sharing such content are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so it’s important to search for their video standards before shooting it. Social videos might last 15 seconds, several minutes, and even hours. But keep in mind that most viewers scroll through their feed very quickly and don’t watch content longer than 20-30 seconds, so make sure to put the juicy part in the beginning of your video.

4. Live Streams

Live streams are the best way to get in touch with your target audience – it lets them virtually attend the events you arrange using Internet platforms, ask questions, and learn more about your company or services. Besides, you can save the streams so that other followers watch them later. For this type of business video, you don’t have to deal with complicated shooting processes and post production. Basically, all you need is a tripod and a smartphone with a stable Internet connection. 

5. Explainer Video 

Explainer videos are one of the most popular genres today. They can be either live-action or animated. While the first type is suitable for almost any company or product, the animated videos will work better for those who deal with something abstract, for example, web or tech services.  If a viewer plays this video, they need particular information, tips, or a guide on the topic they’re not familiar with. So you can give more details in this type of content. The length of explainer videos varies from 2 to 7 minutes. But structure is still crucial, that’s why it might take you longer to plan the video. 

6. Tutorial or How-to Video

Apart from attracting new customers, business videos should take care of the current ones and give them a hand when needed. And this is where tutorials and how-tos come in handy. They typically last 5-10 minutes and contain more detailed information than the previous types. The viewer of such a video is already interested in your product or service, has purchased it, and simply needs help with certain tasks. So don’t hesitate to build a connection with your clients and teach them how to use your product. 

Business Videos

7. Customer Story Video

Whenever we buy anything, we read reviews, so why not prove your credibility and create a video review with a customer’s story? The viewers might identify them with the speaker and see how you helped them solve their problem. This kind of video can be posted on social media or on your website in the About Us section. Not only do you attract potential clients, but also show that the company cares about the customers’ experience. 

Make Your Content Flawless

You can hire the best actors and plan the video in detail, but video editing is where magic happens. So a feature-rich video editing program is a key tool for making quality content for your business. Here are a couple of options to consider. 

If you’re ready to invest much time, money, and effort into video montage, then Adobe Premiere Pro might be a suitable program for your project. To edit your footage online, use a web-based service like InVideo. It offers the most frequently used tools – adding music, trimming, typing captions, and so on. Finally, go for Clipify in case you’d like to edit videos like a pro without spending too much time on studying the program. Clipify has an intuitive interface and a go-to toolkit for advanced video editing – easily change the background, stabilize a shaky video, accompany your clips with music and sound effects, cut out unwanted parts and more. 


Now you’re ready to raise awareness of your business and boost productivity with the help of a video. We showed you 7 popular types of the content you may use. Don’t limit yourself with just one, try as much as you can, and combine several kinds of videos. What’s more, you can pick one of the video editors we recommended to perfect your footage. So go ahead and share your product with the world today.