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8 Advantages of a Responsive Web Design for an E-Commerce Website

The e-commerce industry has become a lucrative business at the turn of the decade since an increasing number of consumers prefer buying online. Also, entrepreneurs and retail shops have turned to online selling as a means of reaching out to new markets, not only locally but also internationally, potentially skyrocketing their business’ revenue and profit.

An e-commerce site’s design is just as important as a brick-and-mortar shop’s location to succeed. Thus, a responsive e-commerce website should be well-designed by the top web development company as it is a real store, as it is literally a store, although buyers are transacting online.

Think of it this way—an e-commerce website is just like your favourite supermarket or department store or boutique where you get all your supplies. With that, you can picture out how a web design of an e-commerce website will look like.

It is only safe to say that high-ranking e-commerce sites rake in the strongest profit, whereas the less efficient sites lose sales, clients and of course the business’ reputation.  Like all other businesses, this is a cutthroat industry wherein there are razor-thin margins. You need to achieve the right amount of volume to get the right sales level.

Not all business owners have realised the value of significantly investing in a good e-commerce web design. So, here is a list of advantages why you should wisely invest in a well-designed e-commerce site:

1. Make a good first impression

Since your site is the face of your store, you need to make a good first impression when meeting for the first time a potential client, in this case, website visitor. Your site should be an immediate reflection of your business, you and your personality. Thus, your website should be professional. If not, then your visitors could feel unwelcome or outdated and thus risk losing a sale or a conversion.

2. Sign of professionalism

Concerning the first advantage, your website will show customers and clients that you as a business owner are professionally serious with what you do and with your business. This, in turn, will build a level of trust between customer and business.

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When your customers or clients see that your site is poorly designed and fairly all over the place, then they will think that your site is not reliable or genuine. Thus, if your site displays unprofessionalism, your customer will surely not buy from you.

3. Building trust with your brand

With the first two advantages, a well-designed website builds customer/business trust, leaving you reputable in the eyes of your prospective visitors or customers. The more trusted a brand appears, the higher the chances of selling in sufficient volumes.

4. Higher Search Engine Ranking

SEO or search engine optimisation is today’s biggest term when it comes to online marketing wherein you optimise your site to rank higher in search engines like Google.

When potential customers use a search engine, say Google, to look for a particular business or service, statistically, they will visit the sites listed in the first and second pages of search results. You need a site containing relevant content so that it will be picked up and indexed by search engines. The higher the search engine ranking, the greater the chances of gaining new visitors and customers.

5. Effectively showcase your products or services

Of course, to make a sale, you need to showcase what you are selling or what services you offer. You need to make customers want your services or products by using impressive visuals and high-quality graphics.

6. Responsive, interactive and quick access

Clients or customers return for a second purchase to a website that is fun, interactive and responsive to navigate. This in itself is a marketing strategy. Because a number of users spend only more or less a minute in a particular site, you need to come up with an excellent web design. Let your site’s design speak for you and your business.

7. Word of mouth

If your site is fun and interactive, your users will spread the word out. This is another marketing strategy for the site to receive an increasing number of visitors without spending for another marketing strategy. Again, a well-designed e-commerce site goes a long way, especially by word of mouth.

8. Web ranking and higher revenue

The better the web ranking, the higher the profit. A well-designed site will attract more visitors and thus generate a higher traffic rate. By nature, people are drawn to things that are attractive. The world of web design is no different. Thus, for your site to be effective, you need a high-quality, interactive and responsive web design London.

A well-maintained and well-designed website can make or break your e-commerce site. Overall, a good website will generate more traffic, have a higher conversion, establish brand loyalty and trust and of course increase profit and ROI. Its value is indeed a long-term investment. So, why not turn your outdated site into a profitable e-commerce store?

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