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8 Key Factors of a Success e-Commerce Business

Have you ever thought why do you like buying a product from a particular website and why not others? What are the factors that appeal you to pick up from a particular e-commerce store? An e-commerce website has the ability to attract people if it can cater to their needs. There are many factors that contribute to the success of an e-commerce website. This post is all about those factors that make a website effective in the e-commerce business.

1) A Strong Brand

Branding your e-commerce business is probably the most important factor of success of your digital store. A brand created after various branding efforts are a belief, and people are most likely to buy keeping them in mind. Building a great brand requires you to make use of various features and functionality vital to the targeted audience.

  •  A design that is not only unique but is also appealing can amaze your traffic, and also influences them to come back for an interactive experience. First thing first, work on the UI design of your e-commerce store that should click a chord with the shoppers. A dedicated Magento developer can do the work for you. From look and feel to the design, everything needs to be taken care of for effective branding.
  • Use social networks to announce your presence on multiple platforms. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn offers incredible services to promote a brand. Utilize these ‘best practices’ to market your product in a robust environment.
  • You can run various Ad campaigns and participate in multiple conversations to let your audience remember your name and what you do.

2) Unique Selling Proposition

Differentiating your e-commerce business from other players in the market gives you an edge in this competitive environment. A buyer journey starts from analyzing the need to payment flexibility, which should be considered by business owners while creating an omnichannel experience.  What is that one thing that makes you unique in your category? Find the answer to it, and you will be able to influence the decisions of a buyer.

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3) UI Experience

As soon as an Internet user clicks on the Google link or type in your website in the bar, your website’s UI experience begins. Right from loading speed to navigation and product categories to data represented, everything accumulates for the experience of the interface. A good e-commerce store experience is a must-have in order to succeed in this hyper-competitive market, and only a dedicated Magento developer can help craft that. First of all, ensure that your website loading speed is quick and doesn’t take years to upload. Then, you should design it with aesthetics that can boost the overall appeal of your website. Once the design and speed are covered up, next thing comes up the in-store experience. Ensure the navigation is smooth, and try to create an interactive experience for your audience.

4) Search Engine Optimization

Static pages are easily indexed compared to the query strings. It is why you should make SEO-friendly URLs to make your product indexable. In addition, you can add HTML titles and META tags, keywords or descriptions effectively in order to optimize your e-commerce store. Also, make use of the sitemap. If you use a WordPress site, you get a built-in sitemap to get your website crawled by Google’s bots quickly. Plus, auto-generated keyword-rich URLs based on the name of category and products also pulls your e-store up on the search engine ranking.

5) Shopping Cart

Customer & Product management is an important factor that contributes to the success of an e-commerce store. Categorizing products in an efficient way and managing customers as soon as they arrive on your website, both are paramount to define an essential omnichannel perspective provided by you. Besides, you also need to take care of any payment & shipping modules to ensure best practices. In addition, you should able to use SSL security layers in your e-store for the ordering process.

6) Security

Security of a platform is taken into account by the users. Since your e-commerce store stores the important data of the customers such as credit and debit card numbers, personal details, etc., you need to incorporate a third-party payment gateway so you get rid of all the compliances you have to follow when processing transactions. PCI-DSS compliant and CISP Certified Level 1 can help you do that. Also, daily backups are important to ensure the data is safe and secure and can be used anytime needed. In addition, you can use various firewalls to ensure your site is secured from vulnerabilities.

7) Retaining Customers

Customer retention has become essential to e-commerce businesses as well because they too need loyal customers who can come again and again. Only then, a brand becomes successful as loyal customers also spread good words within their network. You can send weekly newspaper, occasional discounts and offer for special customers. Irrespective of the strategy you deploy in customer retention, ensure you are giving value to the users. Simply shooting an email to thousands of customers without personalization would do no good to your campaign.

8) Marketing on multiple platforms

Hundreds of platforms are available nowadays to promote or market your product. Narrow done your search to only the ones that you think are a relevant channel as per the defined audience. Create a buyer persona for better results. Once you know the platforms more likely to bring results for you, start spreading your reach. It is all about opening up the doors to the new source of traffic.

An interesting platform to consider exploring in your marketing venture is an offline solution: customized packaging! The way your physical products are presented should be appealing to your target customers. Aside from your brand’s identity, the great recall trait of these customized product packaging can help spread the word of your brand. More often than not, buyers would want to post these creatively packaged products on their social media networks by digital marketing for ecommerce . And that’s a great and organic way for your brand to create some buzz online!


Using these eight tips, you can drive your e-commerce store towards success. Now, it is time for you to participate in the discussion. What factors have defined success for your e-commerce store? Let us know in the comment section