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9 Vital SEO Elements

The following SEO elements are the main factors you should focus on if you want to drive more visitors to your website. They are all important and therefore you need to balance how much time you invest in each one of them. They all should get a little bit of love, if you want to get the best SEO results for your work.



Keep an eye on how search engine ranks your website and why. If you don’t know why people are visiting a specific page on your website, then you need to find out the reason.

If you know what is working and what is not working on your website in terms of visitors and visitor retention than you will know how to improve it. Focus on data and continuously get feedback on what is happening on your website.


Analyze competitors and opportunities. Take the time to look left and right and see what your competitors are doing well. Do not copy what they do, get ideas on how to improve things that they are doing well. Get an edge on your competitors by assessing their website, identifying gaps and opportunities.


Create content people want to consume. Better content will drive more traffic to your website and rank it higher on Google. A key step is to identify who your content is for and why would they use it before creating it.


Google will improve your rankings the more backlink you get from other websites. This task is relatively more difficult, so we recommend to invest more time in learning backlink strategies.


Find the right keywords to connect search intent with the content you are making. Make sure you use the right words in your headings that explain what the visitor is about to read or see.


Traffic is a signal for Google, so your SEO score will go up the more traffic you drive to your website. More traffic means more traffic, it’s a compounding effect.  


Write content that is easy to read and aim to satisfy the search intent of the reader.


Track your website ranking to ensure you are on the right track. If your ranking changes drastically it may be a signal that you need to action. 


Continuously improve and invest in all SEO aspects and balance the work load to ensure they all get a bit of love.

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