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Always Stay Safe From Cyberbullying With Help Of This Reliable Technique

Like everything else, we will all agree that the internet has its good and bad sides. You can use the internet to keep in touch, promote your business, learn new things, and many others. However, there are so many ills that are caused by the internet, and one of the most dominant is the issue of cyberbullying. This article will provide you with information about how to prevent cyberbullying and how to stay safe from cyberbullying. Let’s dig in!

 What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is using internet technology to harass, embarrass, humiliate, torture, or defame people for one reason or another. It could be done through various platforms such as text messages, websites, emails, and social media networks which are the most common.

Research has shown that 1 out of every 10 persons faces cyberbullying every day. Cyberbullying is a crime, and it is punishable by the law, but over time, this offense has not been paid due attention to by the government. Cyberbullying has affected the mental health of a lot of people and has even led some to commit suicide; that is why it is very important to prevent it from happening to you. 

There are different types of cyberbullying. Some of them include catfishing, trolling, denigration, etc.

How to prevent cyberbullying?

Now that you have an idea of what cyberbullying is, the next thing is to know how to stop cyberbullying as a student or an individual.

  • Stay Informed

This is the first step to preventing cyberbullying. As a young adult, you need proper orientation about cyberbullying, the different types, and what you can do to prevent it.

  • Avoid Logging In on Multiple Devices

Ensure that all your social network accounts are only logged in on your device, and always log out completely when you log in on another device. Logging in on devices that can be accessed by just anybody increases the risk of getting your account hacked. 

  • Review Your Privacy Settings

Change your account from public to private and turn off your location when you don’t need it. Reviewing your settings also allows you to control who can view your content, thus restricting strangers from doing something bad with it.

  • Block Threats

One of the easiest ways to prevent cyberbullying is to block an account as soon as you notice that the person is blackmailing, harassing, or trolling you. Do not exchange comments with such people and do not give them the chance to go far with it. Blocking such accounts will help you stay safe from cyberbullying by preventing them from viewing and commenting on your content.

  • Be careful about the content

Always review and choose your content wisely before you post. Although you have the right to express yourself freely, try your best not to post contents that are provocative or embarrassing because the internet never forgets!

  • Anti-Bully Applications can help

This is the best way to stop cyberbullying. There are particular apps created to review the activities of an account against any threats. Most of these anti-bully apps are on the internet and either for free or paid subscription. Some examples of anti-bullying apps include ReThink, Bully button, etc.

  • Report to the appropriate Authorities

Another way you can avoid cyberbullying is by reporting and submitting evidence to the right authorities when there is a threat to your life or that of another person. You can report to the physical authorities or those in charge of the social media network you are using. When you submit a report, the culprits can be found and arrested. 

  • Talk with your children

As a parent, you must enlighten your children on how to prevent cyberbullying. Sensitive them about the right content to post and how to respond to situations where they are bullied. Also, help them develop a healthy mindset to help them tackle intimidation and bullying.


You can use any of the strategies mentioned above to stay safe from cyberbullies of any type. Most importantly, guard your privacy and be cautious about the content you post on social media. With Radaris, you can easily identify the fake accounts that could lead to cyberbullying and avoid/report them.

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