Over the last few years, one of the engineering streams has steadily gained popularity and it is the stream of Computer Science. Fueled by the success stories of many of the homegrown Indian IT companies, the period following the early nineties till the present time witnessed numerous students joining B Tech in Computer Science. This branch gives students access to the most advanced programs and equipment, helping them learn in an interactive way. It covers specialization areas such as computer architecture, programming languages, algorithms, computations and theories. Computer engineers designs, develops, research and test software and digital hardware. Also, this undergraduate program includes the study of electric and electronic circuits, analog circuits and systems, digital communications and audio engineering.

Computer engineers are basically divided into two sections- software engineers, who develop software programs and applications, and hardware engineers, who develop hardware such as keyboards, printers, computer chips and modems. Thus, a degree in computer science affords numerous career opportunities. Some of the professional areas that these engineers can opt for are discussed below:

Application Development

The development of the mobile phone and its distinct operating systems has opened a whole new world of employment opportunities to these engineers, especially for those who have keen interest in design and details for software development.

Software Testing

This section has become practically a sub-domain of its own, with more and more development of software and its product testing. A strong grasp of programming languages, user interface design and software architecture will offer ample scopes for these graduates in software testing.

Product Design

All major technology firms invest heavily in research and development, and they continuously work for creating innovative techniques. The hardware engineers have an excellent career scope in this section of IT product design. They develop products that blend simplicity and ease of use with the cutting-edge technology.


With more and more transactions going online and the rise of e-commerce portals and electronic money transfers, the risk of transaction password being stolen, secure database being hacked and identity thefts are possible. Hence, engineering degree in computer science along with the ethical and cyber-security courses are highly popular and the trained professionals can bag good jobs.

Therefore, computer science engineering degree has become a smart choice and safe bet for the aspiring students. With the successful completion of this course, these graduates will not be restricted to a specific field and they can apply to a variety of ITES (IT enabled services companies). These firms offer a variety of services starting from web-design and analytics to IT support services.

Nevertheless, in today’s competitive world it is extremely important that students should graduate from a premium quality institute that will train them with the upgraded courses and help to establish themselves with the changes taking place in the world of technology. Like the Computer Science courses in Rajasthan groom the students not only with the theoretical concepts, but also various aspects including the communication skills. A clear communication style and relevant domain-specific knowledge help students find a good job in the IT industry.