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Authentic Ways to Boost up Your Internet Speed

The weekend is here. You have made plans with your friends for a multiplayer gaming marathon. You connect your gaming system, but the game doesn’t go past the loading screen. You end up smashing a key or two, quit the game and let it ruin your weekend. Would you always want your intentions of weekend-geeking out smudged? Probably not. There is no need to be so disheartened. You don’t have to fall victim to slow internet speeds if you know exactly how to boost them up. Keep reading to find out how!

Change router position 

How you position your router plays a critical role in determining Wi-Fi performance, range and the overall speed induced. So, what factors hinder your router’s ability to perform without a glitch? Any household obstacles like walls, doors and even appliances such as microwaves can slow down Wi-Fi speeds. The go-to solution for standalone internet users is to directly connect their system to the router through an Ethernet. However, if your home has multiple device connections, direct wired connectivity isn’t a rational answer. Try placing your router where signal strength won’t be tethered or blocked in any way. The ideal location would be to either choose a central point of your house and place it there or install it up on a wall.  

Secure Wi-Fi network 

While this notion rarely goes overlooked, you can always double-check and ensure if your Wi-Fi connection is secure. Once you opt for a new internet connection, the next step is to set-up your router and Wi-Fi settings. If you don’t add a password for your Wi-Fi router, you are inviting unwarranted users to access your internet. Some credible internet service providers do offer free installation of a password-protected router, but in case they don’t, don’t forget setting it up yourself to avoid the emergence of future security risks. 

Coping with data caps 

If you weren’t aware of this already, few internet service providers tend to impose data caps. A quick tip: try not to opt for ISPs who haven’t clearly mentioned the induction of data caps as it’s a massive red flag to avoid. Cable internet providers such as Spectrum don’t impose data caps, but if you are thinking of cutting the cord, you better be ready to face the predicament of data caps. 

Didn’t know about data caps until now? Well, when you choose a certain internet plan and your internet speeds are capped, it means you are only allowed to use a certain amount of data for downloading, streaming, browsing, etc. Once the data cap limit exceeds, your internet speed tends to slow down and is restricted. How do you find if your chosen internet service imposes data caps? Solely by consulting it out with your provider. 

Racked up browser cache 

The dread of botched-up cache sneaks on to you when your internet is working just fine, but Google Chrome isn’t in the mood to load websites. Whenever you visit a website, the browser stores cache in the form of minor trackers and cookies. The more websites you scroll through, the equally piled up the cache is. A common practice is to maintain website speed and performance by timely clearing up browser cache. If you don’t want to do it manually each time, you can opt for cache clear plugins for relevant browsers. 

Consult your internet service provider For Internet Speed

There can be many reasons behind chronic fuzzy internet connection. If clearing cache, changing router position and securing your Wi-Fi doesn’t work, one wise decision is to consult the Spectrum Customer Service team of your chosen internet provider. You will get answers to whether your current internet speed is adequate for the number of users in your household, and whether you need a change of plans or to what extent data caps should be induced. 

Switch connection type or provider 

If all else fails, the only probable solution is to switch your internet broadband or provider. This can be daunting for many, but it doesn’t imply you should compromise with slower speeds and let yourself writhe from the dilemma of slugging connectivity. Just make sure you escalate to this resolution only if the aforementioned tips don’t work out appropriately.

Supposedly, you are subscribed to a DSL connection, but with the upsurge of devices, a fiber-optic connection would perform better. Try considering every such intricate detail, skim through the internet service providers choices you have and find the best internet deal for the right value for money. 

To conclude 

Turn that frown upside down! Adhere to the tips we have jotted down, especially if you are a hardcore gamer, streamer, and standard surfer and you shall never have a face-off with slow internet connectivity again.