As the name suggests, email marketing is a campaign that basically utilizes the mail service for promoting. This is not a new concept and the idea has been implemented over thousands of time before. The interesting part that you might not know is the benefits of using CRM with integrated Email marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Before taking email marketing a step ahead with CRM, you need to understand why you should at all do it. It starts with realizing the benefits of email marketing and then you will like to top it up with the CRM strategy. Find out the reasons to give email marketing a go-ahead at first:

  1. Instant impact

So you’re sliding into the emails ID’s of your potential customers, and just like any notification, they check yours too. They immediately get an idea about who you are and what you’re selling and are ready to make an instant impact. If you’re selling something they’d take an interest it, you will find them navigate to your website right away. Email marketing gives you this benefit and makes you more accessible than other forms of marketing.

  1. Easy to measure

Email marketing helps you measure the number of people who open the mail, click through to you, and navigate too. You will easily understand the interest rate and conversion rate of potential customers. You can then make changes in your strategies to make it more effective or stick to it as it is working out for it.

  1. Low cost

One of the vital reasons why people turn to this is because it is way cheaper than other forms of marketing. You don’t have any postage costs, print costs, and so on. It is a quick and integrated process and reaches out to thousands of people within a few clicks.

  1. Return on investment

Many products are sold at a high price even when the cost of production is minimal. Traditionally, people put in so much of money in advertisements that they had to increase the price too. The return on minimal investment you do through email marketing is huge. Now you can imagine why e-commerce brands have so many discounts to offer round the year!

  1. Drives revenue

Email marketing is one of the major triggers of impulse buying. People who have the purchasing power tend to click through to products they like and buy it right away. Email marketing increases revenue through this tactic and this makes it way more effective than other forms of digital marketing.

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What is CRM?

This would be a perfect question to ask before you look into its benefits. CRM is the abbreviated form for Customer Relationship Management. Basically, the CRM system allows a business to manage the relationships and the data along with information that is associated with it. So why is it useful when it comes to Email marketing? Here are a few points that would highlight just that:

  1. Proper Management

All the data that you have would be stored in a single place. This makes it easier to manage and handle the data.  The system is able to store data to a varied depth. A CRM system is integrated not only to be able to display the contacts from the list but also the last time when a contact was made. If we look deeper into this we can also see that it is also possible to tell what item was last purchased along with their worth with the organization.

The basic idea here is that if CRM is not integrated, whenever someone leaves the subscription, you would have to manually synchronize all the data.

  1. Updates are Real-time

Oh! How the world has shifted to clouds, not literally. Since the idea of IoT has emerged a lot of things are being handled through the cloud. The good thing about a cloud-based system is that everything is done on a real-time basis. So, when a cloud-based CRM system is used all the data would be updated in real-time. If it were not uploaded to the cloud then you would have to manually synchronize all the data for updating requirements. So, implementing the idea of cloud-based CRM has made things more dynamic.

  1. Flexible Scheme

Now, who would not love a flexible system? CRM helps to collect information. Over time you would have a lot of information, which is enough data for you to take steps ahead. Based on this information you would be able to personalize your email marketing. This is a form of flexibility that one would get to revamp their whole scheme.

  1. Segmentation

This can be labeled as one of the most beneficial uses of implementing CRM with Email marketing. Imagine running a business but not being able to find the right audience. You would continue promoting your product but it would fail. This is something that all the marketing teams try to avoid.

The very first thing that you should do before promotions would be to find a good target audience. The CRM feature allows us to have this. You would be able to categorize the segmentation to your database and then filter out your audience. In this way, you would be able to separate categories and thus concentrate on a particular type of promoting.

  1. Insights

With the help of CRM integrated into your system, you would be able to view very detailed insights into all the data. This feature would enable you to see the emails that your customers have opened or maybe see what products that they are more interested in. This would enable you to think and be more strategic when it comes to marketing purpose.

These are some of the features that are enabled when we are using the CRM integrated with the Email. A more detailed explanation is provided at ActiveCampaign. Here, the pricing is provided as well as a walkthrough video of the features involved in the campaign.

You can go through the webpage and enlighten yourself more about the concept of Email marketing. CRM is fast catching on amongst the corporate world and anyone who isn’t keeping up with the trend is at a selective disadvantage. It is imperative that people recognize the benefits CRM has to offer and incorporate it with Email services.