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5 Best Article Rewriters & Paraphrasing Tools (Free & Paid)

Making the content unique is not an easy task. One has to study hard and understand the thing very well.

Having good knowledge about the product can be helpful for a person to write content on it in the best way.

As the world is getting advanced, no one has leisure time to spend on one thing only. One has to utilize his time productively.

If someone is asking to write some content on a specific product, he will try to save his time and energy.

Writing on a specific thing demands effort. But this effort can be reduced by the blessings of technology.

Paraphrasing tools are best to use in this term as they automatically change the wordings of a line without changing the meaning of that content.

These tools rewrite the articles in the best way to save the time of users. 

Working of paraphrasing tool

The main work of the paraphrasing tool is to reads each word and line and change them into different words.

These tools don’t change the original meaning of a line. When a user pastes his content in the box, the AI used in this tool reads every line of the content. 

The AI helps to change the wordings in the content. These tools are very reliable as they save the users time and effort.

Top 5 paraphrasing tools

As the world is moving forward, the competition is also increasing every day. A lot of technologies have been launched for every single product.

Same in the case of paraphrasing, there are many tools for it and they are full of features for the user’s ease.

Every tool has its attributes that make them unique from the other. Some are free and others are paid.

Here is the list of some tools that are best for paraphrasing. These tools make themselves unique due to some advanced features.

  • Rephrase.info
  • Articlerewriter.website
  • Global Assignment Help 
  • Paraphrasetools.com 
  • Paraphrase-tool.org

These are the most reliable and user-friendly tools for paraphrasing. A user can take help from these tools without any hurdle.

1. Rephrase.info

Advanced AI is used in this tool that makes it authoritative. The tool helps in rephrasing and removing plagiarism from it.

The main attributes of this tool are

  • Unlimited word count
  • Rise writing career
  • Free to use
  • Accurate 

These are some best features of this tool and we will explain each of its features here.

  1. Unlimited word count

A person can use content with unlimited words in this tool. There is no restriction regarding word count in this paraphrasing tool.

  1. Rise writing career

Speed is the key feature of this tool. It provides the results in a very short time with no mistakes.

This helps the user to boost up his writing career by paraphrasing the content in no time.

  1. Free to use

Some tools permit users to use of all the tools in paid versions only. The access is limited to the free versions.

This tool is free to use as it doesn’t charge the users for using it. A user can get access to all the features with no charges.

  1. Accurate 

This paraphraser tool is more accurate than other tools. This gives the most precise result of the content.

2. Articlerewriter.website

This tool is specially designed for paraphrasing purposes as its name describes its functionality.

One can rewrite the articles using articlerewriter.website tool. It uniquely provides the result. Some best features of this tool are

  • AI paraphrasing
  • Remove grammar error
  • User-friendly
  • Efficiency
  1. AI paraphrasing

This is an AI-based paraphrasing tool that helps to read the content deeply and accurately.

When the user uploads the content in this tool, it paraphrases that content uniquely with its advanced techniques.

  1. Remove grammar error

While writing an article there can be many grammar mistakes. These grammatical mistakes are not easy to find out manually.

When content is uploaded, it finds the grammatical mistakes from it and corrects them automatically.

  1. User-friendly

The interphase of this tool is very user-friendly. Anyone can understand the functionalities of every feature quite easily.

This thing attracts the user as they find no difficulty while performing the tasks.

  1. Efficiency

This is the best feature of this tool. It is very efficient as it works very fast and gives more results in less time.

A user can take multitasking from this tool as the processing doesn’t slow down even after a heavy workload.

3. Global Assignment Help 

This paraphrasing helps to paraphrase the articles and essays online. The tool changes the meaning of sentences to present them uniquely.

This tool is also full of features. Some key features of this tool are

  • SEO optimized
  • Free to use
  • Simple mode
  1. SEO optimized

This tool is fully safe in terms of SEO optimization. While paraphrasing the content it changes the lines that can be best for SEO.

One can also check the density of keywords of one, two, and three words. This feature is not given in every free tool.

  1. Free to use

A person can enjoy all the features of this tool without paying for it. This tool is free to use.

One can paraphrase unlimited articles in one sitting without paying for it. 

  1. Simple mode

If a person is willing to make little changes in the content, he can use simple mode. This mode will change the synonyms from the article only.

4. Paraphrasetools.com

 This paraphrasing tool is also best to paraphrase the content. It changes the sentences in the article without changing the context of the topic.

This tool has some extraordinary features that make it unique from the others. Some best features of this tool are

  • Secure to use
  • No plagiarism
  • Files uploading
  • Download reports
  1. Secure to use

This tool keeps the privacy of its user and doesn’t share it with anyone. This makes the user feel secure.

Some tools keep the data of users, but this tool deletes all the data instantly after the user leaves from there.

  1. No plagiarism 

Content that a person gets from this tool has no plagiarism in it. A user gets unique data at the end.

  1. Files uploading

While using this tool, a user can also get help directly to upload files. There is no need to move to other tools for uploading the file. 

  1. Download reports

After using the tool and getting the paraphrased data, one can also download reports from there. 

This feature is not given in every free tool. This thing makes it more unique and demanding.

5. Paraphrase-tool.org

This is another paraphrasing tool which can help you to make your content unique as well as 

The main key features of this tool are 

  • No sign-up
  • SEO friendly
  • Quick response
  • To the point
  1. No sign-up

To use this tool, there is no need to sign-up for it. A user can use this tool even without registering himself.

  1. SEO friendly

The tool is SEO friendly as it works in a way that can help for the SEO optimization of the content.

  1. Quick response

The working of this paraphraser is very fast. It provides the result instantly without any plagiarism.

This saves the time of user and helps him to improve his work productivity.

  1. To the point

When the paraphrasing tool modifies the wordings, it doesn’t change the meaning of words. It keeps the sentence meaning same. 

How to use paraphrasing tools?

These tools are user-friendly and very easy to use. A user has to paste the content into the box.

The tool reads every line of the content and changes the wording there, to make it unique.

By changing the words and lines, the article forms a new structure that makes it totally unique and separate.

This thing also helps the user to save time and effort. A user can take the results without reading the article.

Who can use these tools?

This tool is used by everyone. Bloggers, students, writers, teachers, journalists, and SEO experts, everyone can use these tools. 

These are very easy to use and understand. The students can make changes in their assignments by using the paraphrasing tool. 

Similarly, a blogger or a writer gets rid of reading every line of the article. They just paste the content in the paraphrasing box.

After some time, the whole content will be changed into new words that will help them to get the unique content instantly.


To save time and energy, these tools are very helpful to use. One can change the content quite easily. These tools help to make the articles unique and modify them in such a way that a new article is generated from there.

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