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Best eCommerce Platforms Comparison

Concocting an eCommerce platform has never been so effortless since the advent of user-friendly and economical eCommerce stages available all around. In case you have already searched for a platform to run your eCommerce store, without a doubt you have already stumbled upon at least a few of the names we will be comparing today. eCommerce platforms comparison must be initiated so that entrepreneurs have a decent idea as to what the current marketplace is all about.

Although popularity isn’t exactly the best motivating factor to make a decision that will affect your future business prospects, it is certainly a speck worth talking about, considering that when large groups of people lean to a certain solution, we like to hope that it is due to a certain cause.

Penned below are few of the top-notch eCommerce platforms which include DIY modules as well as cloud based eCommerce portals which can be handled effortlessly.

The top 6 eCommerce platforms are Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, BigCartel, Yokart and Shopygen.

Shopify is one of the most trending eCommerce platforms which has taken the online business industry by storm. It’s intriguing to draw attention to the fact that Bigcommerce has made a current surge past the earlier second place contender Big Cartel, and we are completely sure that it needs to do with huge numbers of the progressions Bigcommerce has actualized in the course of recent years.

Be that as it may, it’s difficult to perceive what’s occurring with alternate stages when Shopify is in the blend. In this way, I evacuated the Shopify correlation with just take a peek at Bigcommerce, Volusion, BigCartel and Shopygen. BigCartel, obviously has been encountering a descending pattern in the course of recent years. At a certain point, it was significantly a more prominent inquiry term.

Bigcommerce is the special case that appears to have a slight uphill pattern, yet there’s a sharp drop as of late, in all likelihood because of the intense evaluating changes made by the organization.

Volusion doesn’t look awful; however, the pattern has been moving towards the descending part. At last, Shopygen is the last but a notable mention since it has survived the market and has already embellished itself within a short time. Magento and WooCommerce used to run the eCommerce marketplace, however, the tides have turned.

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June was the month when Shopify established itself with the pioneer’s position, and it’s currently the most well known eCommerce podium in the online marketplace. If you are commencing eCommerce platform comparisons then you must be aware that Shopify leads the list at the moment.

Another approach to breaking down popularity is to tie it in with where clients are going when they quit a specific eCommerce platform. The reason of this being fascinating is on the grounds that it gives you a marker of which of the organizations have stayed aware of advancements and made enhancements to acquire extra clients.

Bigcommerce is of now redirecting a few clients from Shopify. However, it used to be the main place that individuals would follow before the birth of Shopify.

Let us discuss the top eCommerce platforms which had been highlighted at the beginning of the article.


Shopify has everything as far as a simple setup, with a helpful dashboard zone for rapid inclusion of items, altering the look of your site and that’s just the beginning. It’s cool on the grounds that Shopify inquires as to whether you anticipate moving from another stage amid the information exchange process.

The framework at that point gives a connection to bringing in items from your past store. Shopify is one of the pioneers in the internet business space, and maybe the least demanding to-utilize instrument to manufacture your online store with.

Regardless of the case that you are commencing quite recently, or in case you’re searching for an approach to take your business to the following level, Shopify audits all over the internet guarantees to have something which will be suitable for you and your venture.


ShopyGen offers solid node js eCommerce turnkey answers for your Marketplace business. In case you are indebted to eCommerce platforms comparison you are certainly at the perfect place to dispatch your own eCommerce business platform.

In order to formulate an effective commercial center business – you require 2 critical things – Technology and Marketing. Be it a basic eCommerce site for your nearby business or a globalized business, Shopygen has got the innovation and technical part secured for you.


We have already spoken a tiny bit about convenience with Volusion above; however, it’s significant that the organization has a genuinely clean item creation zone.

It certainly won’t be as impeccable as Shopify if you are looking at eCommerce platforms comparison, but rather it does the trap. The huge issue is the point at which you have to backpedal in and change the format or plan of your pages, since gaining the knowledge about coding is just about a requirement.

Sitting immovably at the “comprehensive” end of the market, Volusion is an element rich online business stage with all that you could need to run a successful online business store. Just like Shopify and Bigcommerce, the model is comparative which signifies that you are adequately leasing your store on a month to month basis, and in the process accessing the strength and personalization features of the Volusion stage.


BigCartel offers the most meagerly visual-friendly startup zone since it’s not clear about the things you ought to do right when you arrive on the page, and for reasons unknown, the content doesn’t generally emerge that much.

BigCartel is prevalently gone for ones with a strong forte in artistry such as performers and craftsmen. It had been concocted as a stage for these crafty individuals to offer their wears direct to fans. From the viewpoint of an online business, this implies that the platform is agonizingly simple to utilize, and you can get your online marketplace up and running inside a matter of minutes.


YoKart definitely offers one of the best multi-vendor platforms for a startup. This is a place where you get commission from third-party vendors when they sell their products through your platform. This platform invented by Fatbit Technologies is economical as well as carries powerful tools and a brilliant customer support.

YoKart is a platform that supports robust reporting, with an added real-time tracking feature to keep a note of your sales curve. Reports are initiated frequently to help vendors be aware of the market trends and go ahead likewise.

YoKart has an instinctive interface along with an incomparable security system. Real-time shipping calculator along with multiple stores for vendors has also been incorporated. Wouldn’t you go for a platform whose SEO is automated and can also be hosted on an Android platform.


As we proceed with eCommerce platforms comparison it is relevant to mention that Bigcommerce has the cleanest dashboard and apparent headings for getting your site directly to business inside a couple of minutes.

Truth be told, the dashboard shockingly resembles Shopify, with modules that had been incorporating credit cards, modifying your store and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Bigcommerce is a cloud-based online business stage which commenced with the vision for the enhancement of quickly developing brands.

They offer truly pleasant online eCommerce business administration features including the administration of commodities, order gratification, online installments, coupons, investigation and so on. Alluring gorgeous plans and innumerable customization highlights are also some of the pertinent specks of one of the top 6 eCommerce platforms.

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