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5 Best Font Apps for Android Phones

How long have you been texting on your android phone? For years? Do you ever feel the need to try out something new to make your regular texting more exciting? This includes changing the font of your phone. So, there you go, you said it, and we bring on the table the best font apps for android phones.

Create an impression through your texts using any of these reliable font apps. Read on to find out more.

1. FontFix

An app that fixes your font needs, FontFix is the one you need to get to your font type. Now, what makes it so special? One of the most amazing facts is that it’s a free application with a variety of Android smartphones. So, no need to spend a single penny to experiment with your texting.

There are over 4300 fonts to choose from that work on all major Android Devices. All you need to do is select the font you like from a library of thousands of options. Download your personal favourite, and you are good to go and flaunt it.

It has a system that enables your device to have high-quality text for free. That’s something great. Besides, there is no ad scam, and FontFix works smoothly when you use it. Reflect your taste and personality using your ‘The Font.’


  • Works with non-rooted devices as well
  • 4300+ fonts
  • Easy download of font
  • Requires additional settings on your device
  • Shows you a font preview
  • Excellent FlipFont support.
  • Store the backup and share the fonts with friends.

2. Fontster

Fonster is another awesome font application android users can download. There are just 150 font styles you can get access to. I know it’s less than what is available at FontFix, but these fonts are worth a shot.

Fonster not only allows you to download and install the font for your texting purpose but does more than that. Once you download the font, it will change all the texted elements on your mobile, be it web pages, widgets, and all.

There is a drawback to this application. It does not work with unrooted devices. It clearly mentions if your device is not rooted, this app is not for you. So, the nice thing is that they warn you before downloading.


  • Easy font installation
  • 150+ fonts available
  • You can preview fonts
  • Store the backup and restore the fonts.

3. HiFont

Moving on, here is another awesome font application you can go for. HiFont has a variety of exotic font styles. Want an idea? You can try out Love, Candy, Clean, dark, and many other types.

There are over 100s of fonts you can choose from. But this is something you can find in any application. What makes it different is its colorful fonts. YES! They have a feature that allows you to use different colors on your font. How amazing is that?

Another thing why we have included HiFont in our list is because they have this font size adjustment. For instance, what if you are using it for an older person? Or are you just someone who likes to have a big font that is the usual size? HiFont allows you to adjust according to your preferences.


  • DOESN’T support non-rooted phones.
  • Works excellent on Samsung and other high-model android devices
  • Easy-to-change font size.
  • Specially designed fonts available.
  • They release new fonts every week
  • FREE app. Yeahh!!!

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4. Chat Style

Not every app has its speciality, but what if you find The One that is made to present your personality? Chat Style is your to-go app. Yes, it is what the name suggests; this app is focused only on making your text style better and personalized.

Chat Style is made for all your social media applications, be it WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, or whatnot. In fact, it not only offers an amazing keyboard for these apps but goes beyond. This app works on your emails as well. Of course, that’s a plus because you can be more formal with your style.


  • Hundreds of text styles available
  • You can create your personalized style
  • Get access to fonts on all apps.
  • Get notified whenever an update is available.

5. Font Rush

Are you a big fan of Calligraphy? If yes, then Font Rush is your application to go for. Now, the thing is, it does not offer any text or other font services but focuses on image editing and video texts. In other words, it offers beautiful fonts for your images.

You can create awesome banners, ad promotions, carousels, graphics, and more using its calligraphic texts on your media. Post it on the internet, and you will get that awesome response. Besides, it has a good rating on Google Play. So, absolutely worth giving a shot.


  • More than 200 fonts to choose from.
  • Have 30+ textures for your background
  • 1000+ fabulous stickers
  • You can blur images or edit them as per your preferences
  • It is a free app with inside purchases.


It’s time to stop playing around with boring fonts and try out some of the best font apps for android phones. These are just a few to get you started, but there are plenty more available on Google Play Store. Undoubtedly, these are the best.

Not only will your friends be impressed by your new style, but it’ll make writing emails or text messages much easier too! So what have you been waiting for? Download one today and start crafting something beautiful using these amazing free font applications.

Explore free fonts styles for personal & commercial use – all free to use

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