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Best Indian Restaurant in Canning Vale – Delhi6sweets

Indians are well known for their sweet tooth as we love eating sweets and desserts. This is the reason, more often than nought, every Indian likes to pile up any sweet or dessert on their plates after every meal. Apart from that, authentic Indian sweets and desserts help make every festival brim with contentment and celebration. 

No matter how much we spend on any shopping but finally, it’s sweets and desserts that make our festivals delightful. Keeping this in mind, Delhi6, one of the excellent Indian restaurants in Canning Vale, Perth, offers a variety of Indian sweets and desserts. That means distance will never come in your way in having the delectable Indian sweets and desserts. 

Now, let’s talk about the different types of sweets and desserts Delhi6 offers to their esteemed clients?

  1. GulabJamun

The two words ‘soft’ and ‘succulent’ are enough to define GulabJamun. This dish is one of the famous sweets of India liked by almost everyone. So, if you love GulabJamun and don’t know where to get it, Delhi6 is the one-stop destination for all your needs.

  1. Jalebi

This warm and juicy jalebi is another option for people living in Perth at Delhi6. However, you can say that this dish is something that a person can kill for. 

  1. Petha

This name is very famous as Agra ka Petha in India. If you go to see the famous Taj Mahal, you can enjoy various delicious types of pethas that have the power to offer instant energy. So, if you are in Perth and have a craving for petha, then come straight to Delhi6 Indian restaurant in Canning Vale.

  1. Rosogolla

From the kitchen of Bengal, it is a white round shaped spongy ball which is prepared with cottage cheese and sugar syrup. No matter from which state you belong, everyone loves eating rosogolla.

The bottom line

Delhi6 sweets and savouries is a reputed name in Perth that delivers world-class quality in all types of Indian food and sweets. So, next time if you want to have something different in Perth, Delhi6 is the final destination.

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