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10 Best Online Supermarkets in the U.S

The growing number of supermarkets in the US allows consumers to shop for groceries online either by preparing the order for the pick up by the customer or delivering directly to their doorsteps.

Shopping the grocery items from the home is convenient and it is a time saver. Moreover, the consumer can also take the benefit of online sales which would otherwise not be accessible.

The United States continues to be the world’s leading market where the customers are buying groceries online. So if you are working outside your home and you are not getting enough time to tackle the necessary chores of buying grocery every week, check out the list of top ten online supermarkets in the US.

List of top ten online supermarkets in the US


Undoubtedly Walmart is the number one online supermarket store in the USA. Its website features quite a wide selection of the top quality merchandise as well as the grocery products. The everyday low price scheme that this grocery brand comes with enables the customers to save quite good bucks on a daily basis.


This supermarket store started as the price club from the aircraft hangar itself. In the year 1883, the first retail outlet of this brand started in Seattle. Today this brand offers the grocery items delivery at the selected of the locations in the country.


It is the 3rd most popular online grocery store in America. Apart from selling the goods to the Americans, it also encourages the non-US residents to shop from its store. The payment can be done through any of the international debit or the credit card.

Amazon Pantry

Well, the credit for introducing the online supermarket in a big way actually goes to the Amazon. Presently this leading and global e retailer is offering the fresh foods as well as the grocery items through its two divisions-the Amazon Pantry as well as the Amazon Fresh.

Kmart Online

The Kmart online is actually quite a big contender in the US online supermarket stores in its own way. It stocks almost all kinds of grocery items. Apart from the daily bargains that it provides, there are three types of delivery options.


This online supermarket store emerged as the dream of the ambitious and Idaho based youngster Skaggs. His vision to sell the top quality products at the minimum possible price could be realized through this online grocery shopping portal.


This American debut actually went overboard by throwing wide doors to the series of the reasonably organized of the stores. This has made the grocery shopping much more pleasant for the buyers of any budget.


This brand is the brainchild of Apporva Mehta who is a former employee of Amazon. It is not selling the products directly to the customers. Instead, it is serving as the aggregator of the small sized, medium as well as the large online grocery stores.


It is one of the best online grocery stores for fresh food items. It actually procures the fresh food items from the nearest of the sources. The indigenously developed packaging technology that Fresh Direct uses actually keeps the grocery items fresh.


On the first glance, the typical and modern Hy-Vee might appear to you just like the conventional supermarket store but with the outlandish of the prices which are charged for the prepared food, you will likely to end up falling quite hard for this brand.

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