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What are The Best Child Tracking Tools and Apps/Sites?

Keeping your child safe is the biggest task of the parents. While we all know where the world is heading towards, with so much uncertainty and increasing crime rates against the children, the safety of children has become an alarming question for every parent.

With whom they are going out? Where are they going? All this becomes an important question to look out for. But what can be possibly done?

You cannot possibly be around your child 24/7, nor can you take the toll of hiring a detective. So what can be done?

Well, thanks to the technology, now, one can keep an eye on their children for 24/7 without doing much of an effort.

All thanks to the mobile trackers!

Mobile trackers are the invention of the modern day technology. With the help of mobile trackers, one can get to know the exact location of their child’s mobile phone, which will help the parents to identify their child’s location and ensure their safety.

But how does it work?

Mobile trackers take help of the GPS (Global Positioning System) to track the location of the mobile phone of your child. The GPS provides accurate and precise results, i.e. the accurate location of your child’s mobile phone.

Using mobile trackers is fairly easy and is user-friendly. There are a number of websites and applications available on the internet through which you can efficiently track your child’s location. So let’s take a look at some of the possible options out there.


Mobilenumbertrackr.com is an effective website through which you can track the location of your child. The website is easy to use and user-friendly and provides quick and accurate results. All you need to do is enter the website and the website within few seconds will track Mobile number location of your child. Simple, easy and effective!

You can also get the location of your child’s vehicle he/she is traveling in with the help of the vehicle Registration Search.

Amber alert GPS

This award-winning GPR tracker works both on Android and iOS. Amber alert GPS is a remarkable tracking device which efficiently tracks the location of your child. The device has an application and a portal through which you can keep an eye on your child’s location. The device has some sparkling features such as sending an automated SOS message to the desired person (for e.g. parents). Some of the other features of this device are;

  • Tracks the location of the child
  • offers Geo-fencing feature
  • offers a calling feature on the device
  • long-lasting battery

The device costs $135 with one time activation fee of $19.99 and comes with two plans, a standard plan of $15 a month and a premium plan of $27 a month.


Locate, monitor, and track. That is what pocketfinder is all about. Pocketfinder is a little device with some massive features that can help you track your child. Pocketfinder tracks the location of the child with the help of the GPS and updates GPS location in every 60 seconds whereas it takes 10 seconds in pocketfinder+. Parent can log into the system portal by a security code and get the location of the child. Some of the features are;

  • Tracks real-time location
  • Sends SOS messages
  • Geo-fencing

To add on, the device also provides speed alert of the car. The device costs around $149 and comes with two plans, one for USA, Mexico, and Canada for $12 and one which works in all the international countries for $15.

Norton Family

Norton family is a brilliant application that tracks the location of the child easily. The app is available on both the formats, Android and iOS.  The app tracks the real-time location of the child with the help of the GPS. The app also allows Geo-fencing, web content filtering, and so on. The app proves to be a complete safety app for your child. Some of the features of this app are;

  • Offers time supervision of your child’s phone usage
  • online content filtering
  • social media supervision

The app offers a 30 day free trial after which it is $49 per year.


Yet another sparkling app that effectively tracks the location of your child, apart from tracking the location of your child, it performs many more safety functions such as supervising your child’s online usage, web content filtering and so on. The best part of the app is that the target (your child) does not get to know about the tracking. Some of the other features of this app are;

  • Tracks calls and SMS
  • Blocks adult content
  • Allows social media supervision

The range of the price depends on the number f device it can track, $54 for 5 devices, $96 for 10 devices and $197 for 15 devices.

Net Nanny

Net nanny proves to be best for tracking your child’s location. The app offers many other functions than location tracking such as online content filtering, alerts and reporting and so on. Net Nanny is a complete parental control app that offers wholesome safety of your child. The app performs on both the platforms, Android as well as iOS. Some of the other features of this application are;

  • Location tracking
  • Offers a complete parental control
  • Internet filtering of the content
  • Hiding of the adult content

Just like the previous app, net nanny’s price also ranges according to the number of devices it can support at once. Net nanny costs $39 for a PC or Mac, $59 for 5 devices, $89 for 10 devices.

These were some of the tools/websites and applications through which one can effectively track their child’s location. They are fast, effective, and easy to use. hence, one can ensure their child’s safety with the help of them.

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