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Comprehensive Bovada Poker Platform Software Review

Bovada Poker is a highly regarded online poker room available to American players. The site is trusted by players across the country, and is geared more towards players who are looking for a recreational gaming experience as opposed to those who want to play poker for a living. There are many features that set Bovada apart from the competition, and you can learn all about the company’s excellent poker software here.

Desktop and Mobile Software

Players at Bovada Poker can choose to play either using their desktop computers and mobile devices. The desktop platform is known for its speedy operation and huge selection of games. It is certainly regarded as one of the better poker platforms in the gaming world.

The mobile version of Bovada can be played directly from your web browser. This mobile-optimized website runs on HTML5, which allows you to play in cash games and jackpot sit n gos without having to download any software to your device. While it’s a huge plus that you can play at Bovada while on the go, you might miss having access to regular sit n gos since a wider range of buy-ins are available in those competitions.

Bovada Poker Software Features

There are a number of useful features that you can use while playing at Bovada. The operator has really put a lot of thought into how to make a great online gaming experience for players with the use of several unique aspects.

Anonymous Seating

When you sign up to Bovada Poker, you’ll have your own username, but this isn’t used at the tables. Unlike most online poker sites, Bovada keeps you anonymous and doesn’t show your username to the other players. Everyone will simply see an assigned number to each seat.

This is a helpful feature that can help out new players. Often times, more experienced players can make note of less experienced players in order to take advantage of them by following them to different tables. This isn’t possible at Bovada, however.

On the other hand, it also means that you can make an active effort to avoid certain players. Even if they are a poker shark or if you don’t like their playing style, there is always a chance that you could end up on a table with them due to the anonymous seating function.

Quick Seat Function

At most online poker rooms, you’re presented with a poker lobby. You can view all of the games and tournaments you can join, with a list of every single table. This isn’t the case at Bovada. Instead, there is a Quick Seat mechanic at work, where you simply select your game type, limit and the number of seats you prefer. Then, you’re place at a table randomly.

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Hand Histories

All online poker software offers you the ability to look at your hand histories, and Bovada is no different. However, there is one special added feature that really sets this site apart.

Since there is anonymous seating at all tables, you can view every hand history with the hole cards of each player revealed. Normally, this isn’t the case, because other online poker sites don’t want to compromise the privacy of their players, but the anonymous seating ensures that this is not the case.

Using hand histories where you can actually see what the other players have, you can better analyze your gameplay. Rather than guessing what other players were holding the entire time, you actually know. Then, you can evaluate how you played the hand in the moment, compared to what you now know about the other players’ hole cards.

If you’re looking for more information on the Bovada platform features, you can read this expert Bovada poker review written by professionals who have spent countless hours testing the platform.

What is the Game Selection at Bovada Poker Like?

Bovada poker offers players a number of different options for playing poker games online. You’ll be able to take part in various cash games and tournaments for the chance to practice your poker skills and build your bankroll.

Cash Game Selection

Table games at Bovada Poker provide players with the chance to play Limit Hold’em, No Limit Texas Hold’em, Limit Omaha High, Limit Omaha 8, Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha 8. You’ll find the most action NL Hold’em and PLO while you might struggle to find plenty of players in PLO8.

When it comes to stakes, you can play in 2c/5c games up to $10/$20 games for most variants. You’ll also be able to find stakes from 5c/10c to $30/$60 in LHE and 25c/50c to $30/$60 in LO8. So, microstakes players may miss out on the inclusion of 1c/2c games while high rollers may want to engage in super high stakes games like $200/$400.

Fast Fold Poker

Online poker just wouldn’t be the same without fast-fold poker, and Bovada has its own version of this unique game type. Zone Poker allows players to move to a new table every time they fold a hand. This means that players can triple the number of hands per hour that they would play in a normal cash game.

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There are plenty of different tournaments players can engage in while playing at Bovada Poker. Sit n Go poker tournaments are available at a wide range of buy-in levels from $1 to $200, with plenty of turbo and hyper-turbo options waiting for fast-paced players. Jackpot Sit n Gos are another fun option, where a random multiplier (up to 1200x) is applied to the prize pool.

Multi-table tournaments are another fun option at Bovada Casino. Every week, there are $1.5 million in guaranteed prizes, with buy-ins that range from $1 up to $200. You’ll also find many special tournament series behind hosted throughout the year, such as the Black Diamond Poker Open, where millions of dollars in prizes are up for grabs.

Banking at Bovada

Making deposits and withdrawals on Bovada’s software are quick and easy processes. To fund your account, you can use credit cards or bitcoin. However, credit cards can’t be used when making withdrawals; instead, you’ll have to wait 10 to 15 days for a check to arrive. If you’re using cryptocurrency to make your withdrawals, on the other hand, you’re waiting less than 3 days.

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