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Buy backlinks database online 

Building backlinks is hard work if you are doing it manually. Maintaining a huge team of backlinks builders and SEO experts is also an expensive affair. That’s why we have built backlinks databases that can be used to build high DA backlinks superfast. Our databases are loved by SEOs who don’t have the time to go through free backlinks lists online to find high DA backlinks for clients. Simply buy a database and start building backlinks fast! 

Backlinks database packages

We have 2 packages of high quality backlinks available for SEOs and marketing agencies in India and abroad: 

Package1: Excel sheet of confirmed 5000 websites from where you can easily build 4500 backlinks with ease. All these websites are 20+ DA and have a spam score (SS) of less than 10.  

Package1: Excel sheet of confirmed 10,000 websites from where you can easily build 9000 backlinks with ease. All these websites are 20+ DA and have a spam score (SS) of less than 10. 

Quality backlinks pricing 

While the Base Backlinks Package costs 1200 USD, Mega Backlinks Package is available for 2200 USD only. The backlinks will be delivered in a Google sheet with details related to DA and SS included. All websites will be SSL secure and active. 

Buying backlinks FAQs

Are all websites in your backlinks list 20 DA?

No, we have a website mix that delivers websites with DA between 20 and 60. 

Have you checked these sites for spam score?

All websites in our database have been checked for spam score. We have kept websites that have less than 10 spam score only. 

How much time it will take to build the backlinks from your database?

If you have a dedicated SEO professional for building backlinks, he can finish up Package 1 in less than a month. 

How many backlinks should be built in one day?

While there is no guideline from Google in this regard, we recommend building only 250 backlinks in one day. 

What if I won’t be able to build the backlinks as you say?

We have personalized tested these websites for backlinks development and hence there is very less chance that you will come across any such problem. Since website policies change, we have kept the margin of 500 dead backlinks in Base Backlinks Package and 1000 dead backlinks in Mega Backlinks Package.

What’s your refund policy look like?

If 30% of the websites turned out to be ineffective and you wish to drop the package, we will process 75% money refund. Replacement websites can be requested in case of refund though. The refund needs to be claimed within a week of purchase though. 

I don’t have an SEO guy to build backlinks. Can you build them for me?

Yes, we can build the backlinks on your behalf for additional charge of 500 USD for Base Backlinks package and 1000 USD for Mega Backlinks package

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