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Car Management Using Smartphones in the Near Future

Wherever we go, a smartphone has long been our faithful assistant in many matters. Now, with the help of small devices, we can make our life easier in a matter of minutes. An important event of the last decade has been the massive involvement of the use of smartphones to control cars. 

In the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban models of recent years, each driver can connect their smartphone in a matter of seconds using a special application to take advantage of the ability to connect a voice assistant that will help to navigate a safe and short route, adjust the car system and turn on climate control. Everyone has the opportunity to rent Chevrolet in Dubai and test a car in which digital technologies are widely used. Especially considering that car rental services are available to everyone today and do not require something extraordinary from drivers.

What additional solutions can be used in cars that can be configured and adjusted using smartphones? We will talk about this in this article.

Connecting Smartphones And Cars: Now And Before

More recently, drivers have had to use their phones and online maps to drive comfortably and plan their routes. We had to put the smartphone on the dashboard, which made it difficult for us to monitor the motion sensors, or the drivers were forced to buy phone holders, but this still caused some inconvenience.

Thanks to the introduction of such innovations, it became possible to connect your smartphone to the display in the car, which can transfer the image to a device more convenient for drivers. You can put your phone in your jacket pocket or the passenger seat and stay focused on the road.

Drivers can use the application in a convenient mode and on a large display, where there will be big icons, as well as a touch screen and voice control.

Possible Future Integration Options

Recognition Of The Driver

Many families share cars for different journeys. Sitting in the car, each driver has to adjust the parameters of the seat, interior, and other adjustments anew.

The opportunity to avoid these difficulties will soon become available. Your phone will serve as a means by which the car will recognize who is driving. After syncing with the app, your car will be able to adjust the seat, the side mirrors and rearview mirrors, the wheels, engine, and gearbox.

It will be possible to check the temperature outside. In this way, your car will be able to recognize whether to turn on the heating of the passenger compartment and seats or turn on the air conditioner in hot weather.

While driving, drivers are unable to send messages or make calls if necessary, because this may be unsafe. Therefore, if you are late for an event or need to communicate where you are and when you arrive, technology can do it for you. It will send a notification to the recipients and inform them about your location, as well as calculate the time that your way will take.

If your to-do list includes events that you need to attend, be it a business meeting or a trip to the airport, then your car will be able to notify you of what time you need to leave to arrive on time. This feature is especially useful if there are places along the route where traffic is difficult.

Car Conditions

When planning a long trip, your smartphone will be able to make adjustments by synchronizing with your car. It will lead the way and indicate stops at gas stations, those times when you may run out of gas or run out of battery.

Phones will be able to explore the area and find free parking spaces. It will also remind you of the places where you previously left your car.

While at home, you can use a mobile application to monitor the area where the car is located. This is especially true for those who are worried about their car safety.

Moreover, without visiting a car service, you can receive information about what needs to be done in the car. You will receive notifications when you need to change winter tires to summer tires or vice versa, change oil or replace old brake pads. In this regard, you will be able to make sure that your car is suitable for driving.

Moreover, forgetful drivers will be able to use the functions of closing the car or raising the windows.


Today, car manufacturers delight car enthusiasts with the addition of modern solutions and technologies for driving comfort. Soon, the functionality of cars together with smartphones will become even wider. We will see the emergence of special features to help make our trips even safer.

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