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5 Career Tips To Get ahead In Travel And Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is a vast field that offers numerous professional roles across countless settings. Earlier, the recruiters of this sector looked for experienced candidates to deal with people. However, with the recent changes in the industry, the requirements have changed. Now, the recruiters promote individuals with business sense, which can only be best developed through a well-designed academic course in travel and tourism management along with hands-on experience. A master’s in tourism management is a post-graduate degree programme that caters to professional growth and development by equipping aspiring students with the latest industry-specific knowledge necessary to thrive in the fast-growing sector. 

In this article, we will talk about the five best career tips that can take you ahead in the travel and tourism industry:

  1. Identify your niche specialisation and master it:  As stated earlier, the hospitality and tourism field is broad, with varying subsets and specialization’s,  each demanding its unique skillset. Doing a bachelor’s course in travel and tourism and then opting for a discipline during the master’s course can give you a head start.
  2. Do not let go of any opportunity: Being a small fish in a big pond can be an asset for travel and tourism.  While being a part of this sector, do not hesitate to jump at any opportunity that can impact your future career significantly. 
  3. Learn social media skills: Being up-to-date in this industry means getting along with the mobile check-ins to digital concierges. These mobile technologies have revolutionalised the hospitality and tourism sector to a great extent. Business leaders are incorporating apps and social media into their marketing toolkit because these are the newer and more efficient ways of reaching a diverse target audience. Thus, staying ahead of the curve to understand the potential of different social media and digital platforms to reach out to potential customers.
  4. Get hands-on experience while attending college: While attending your college, you can look out for internship programmes in the hotel or tourism sector to gain experience to break into the dynamic industry.
  5. Keep developing and enhancing your communication skills: Good communication is an essential and integral part of the travel and tourism industry. Working in the travel and tourism industry means dealing with people, individually or in a group situation. Thus, excellent communication skills can enhance the guests’ experience that directly affects the business. 

Attending a master’s programme in tourism management can help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the diverse sector to become a future business leader on a global stage. Here are the modules covered in the academic programme that is central to taking up a profession in the travel and tourism industry:

  • Tourism and Hospitality business strategy
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Hospitality Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Events
  • Business Decision Making in the Hospitality Industry
  • Strategic Approach in Marketing Planning for Hospitality
  • International Project Management

Thus, pursuing a master’s course will not only provide you with a post-graduate degree but with cutting-edge knowledge that is highly sought in the travel and tourism industry. Hone the most in-demand skills by getting an opportunity to learn from the faculties with many years of industry experience. Apply now to know more about the travel and tourism course to kickstart your career!