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Content Marketing Apps That Will Grow Your Blog Traffic

if you wish to increase your blog traffic, you will need a content marketing application. You will get measurable success if you use these tools in your business. These tools and software were used to improve the user experience when they visited your website.

According to the research 89% of time user spent on mobile application, application store are full of opportunity for modern users

Content marketing application is use to generate content for your website, improve your reporting and enhance your site traffic.

With the help of content marketing application you can lead your plan according to the target audience. It is much better than your old advertising as well as give better result and profitability.

Another research say that 72% of digital marketers will use a content marketing for branding purpose.

Tumble and WPP doing a survey through which they find that what the stuff people want to say that it is a great content.

All these application are used for simple content but increase productivity. Also author cannot say my content is very high in quality, people judge the quality of the content when they read and share your content through social media.

There are different application to create content and marketing app to redesign your vision. Also your content become great content so that traffic increase in your site.

  1.   Buffer

If you wish to become a creative blogger then you need a content marketing specialist and after that install a buffer.

You must have a strong social network for content creation it is because mostly your customer are find on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also according to the auditor of social media 83% marketers will agree on social networking is important for content marketing and 58% marketer spent more than six hours on social media.

Also if you want to manage your twitter account access anywhere and anytime you will probably need a buffer for that.

Some people say that buffer is a social network associate but some people say that it is a social networking robot. But according to the app store buffer is a best social networking tool now a day. Definitely buffer will give you a better experience of social media.

Buffer is a Twitter built-in app and management tool that allows you to add Tweets to be sent on a schedule.

The attractive thing in buffer is to control different tweets at the same time on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account. This is basically important when you want to post a new content like video picture or blog for your followers

Through a Buffer dashboard, you can connect several Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts up to ten updates. You can also share, schedule, upload and manage the performance of your pins on Pinterest.

The built-in app Buffer is free. The free account is especially for beginners of social media marketing who just want to know what Buffer can give.

Buffer offer you total control for the dashboard and social media profiles. For instance, when you use a Twitter for retweet button, Buffer will also show an option and you will see it within the Twitter retweet button dialogue screen, too:

But Buffer will not reply to the questions of their followers, though it can be helpful in planning and auto posting updates.

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  1.   Pocket  

When you find something later, you need to save in a pocket and read them with nay device at any time. Firstly you should know that the importance of reading for content marketers.

If you wish to create high-quality content and have creative ideas for your content creation and marketing effort, then you have to read violently.

Pew also say that almost half of the reader use e-book during 2014.

Pocket is an application that is use to save any web page for future reading. Developers know the problem of every one that people do not have much time due to which they produce this application to improve user experience.

You can view files later on iPhones, iPads, PCs and any mobile device. Both are highly recommended native apps that let you shelve items to read and watch when the time is right.

In 2012, Save to Pocket was one of the top share buttons, producing over 1,000,000 saves and used by over 10,000 developers.

A “read later” app is largely used by authors, book lovers, marketers and scholars. So you can use this to generate innovative idea for your editorial calendar and blog posts.

How do you save to Pocket?

Follow these simple steps:
  1. i) Sign up for free: in the homepage, click “create an account” button, follow the simple instructions.
  2. ii) Save web pages: Once you signed up for Pocket, you will be able to download from your browser. Now, you can ready to save your favorite web pages for future reading.

  3. Sumall

Google analytics is just not the last calculation. There are different much more figures and numbers, such as visions, reports, analytics and more that you need on a regularly basis to efficiently arrange your content strategy. Unless when you use a proper tool or app, it is almost impossible to manually manage all these metrics and calculations by hand. This app is a one-stop solution for social media and e Commerce dashboard. This will also help in making quality leads and grow revenue

Now it’s time to convert your dream into reality and fulfill your vision with sumall. It is also all in one social media solution for e-commerce dashboard. You can enjoying a content marketing if you pick a right tool. Also do not need to hire very expensive team for monitoring. you just need an excellent tool.

Here are the simple steps on how to use the app:

Step one: Join for free. On the homepage, enter your email address and password. Then, click the “GET STARTED FREE” button.

After that, fill your first and last name. Then select the time zone that is related to you. Then again Click the “GET STARTED” button:

Step two: Select the location you use. Keep in mind that Sumall is an all-in-one app for controlling your social media and ecommerce accounts. When you signed up, the next step is to choose the platforms you use regularly like, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Just click on the place. Then, click “Next.”

  1. Google Docs Research Tool

This is built in tool for google users. This easy to use app, can conduct a research straight from your document environment, by evading to visit the search engine. This saves a lot of time.  For becoming an excellent blogger, wasting too much time on the research process can be a mistake. Want higher traffic by creating content that is fully backed up by data, is one of most critical element to lead as an expert and gain a competitive advantage. Link your content to commanding sites, which will help you for the creation of beneficial content; which will further allow your audience to gain out of it and share it to the maximum.

  1. Hemingway App

If you are looking for a tool that give you an error-free content and helps you prominent the mistakes. It give a great array of editing tools that can help you in various forms of editing. Some of the support it give are, streamlining hard sentences, offering suggestions and simple version of very hard sentences, helping in avoiding phrases that are not easy to understand, help in avoiding the use of too many adverbs and disheartening the use of passive voice. For any content creator or marketer, all this measurable aspects.

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