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Creating An Explainer Video? Consider Using An English Voiceover

Find out why using a professional English voiceover is a really savvy idea if you’re creating an explainer video. 

Have you put in lots of time and energy to create the perfect imagery, storyline, professional subtitles and editing for an explainer video? You probably hope that the video will be well received, actively promote your product and with any luck, actually explain the product features and urge people to buy it. 

Of course, there is a chance that it might not be enough and it could fall short to some degree. The good news is that there is something that can fill that gap and give your explainer video the final boost it needs to reach success. That something, is an English voiceover. It enables you to go into more depth with explaining what your products do and clarifies the message you have created visually Visit https://www.mediamedic.studio/how-to-extract-clear-voice-from-a-noisy-audio-file/

That being said, as a business you have a video budget and it may feel like an English voiceover is a bit too much of a push. Is it worth the time and money involved? Should you just release it as it is? 

Before you bypass the opportunity to add an English voiceover to your explainer video, read on to find out about the benefits and how they could enhance the chance for your product to be really well received:

A Better Way To Put Across Complex Information

If your explainer involves some complex information you would love your viewers to understand, an English voiceover could be really helpful. This is especially true if the explaining could end up a bit messy and too detailed if it is only done with on screen visuals. Incorporating a professional English voiceover helps put across information in a simple and clear way, enhancing what you see onscreen and ensuring the viewers gain an understanding of the product beyond what they see. 

Creating Or Enhancing An Emotional Connection

The human voice has been studied and is known to convey over 24 different emotions. That’s a really powerful tool when it comes to helping your audience to connect with your video. Add to that a professional voice actor who is able to interpret your script in a way that really brings it to life, and suddenly your production is much more than functional – it’s exciting, engaging and powerful. 

Strengthening The Trust In Your Brand

Simply having a professional English voiceover enhances the overall feel of your explainer video, which will strengthen the trust in your brand. There’s no doubt that it is a professional touch that boosts the overall feel of your production. 

In addition, the voice you choose is able to help promote further trust in your brand and the product itself. As humans we respond strongly to different voice types, although that can be impacted by where we come from, or the sex we are as to what we prefer to hear. 

Different sexes are known to be different in their preference when it comes to voices. Overall, it is thought that men prefer higher pitched voices because it relates to fertility and youth, although a study has contrasted with that to suggest that there is a general view that women with lower voices are more competent, which may also boost how attractive they seem. 

As a general rule, voices can be adapted to suit the needs of the purpose in hand. Which is exactly why using a professional voice actor for your English voiceover is important, because they can chang

e their pitch and tone to suit the feel of the explainer video that you want. 

If You Choose A Voiceover, Get It Done Professionally

If you do choose to use an English voiceover for your explainer video, choose to get it done by a professional voice over company. A badly executed voiceover can actively detract from your video and may even damage the product campaign, or even your brand.