Digital forms of marketing have gained popularity in the last decade. This is because they are convenient and can be used to reach a greater number of targeted customers. But as the time advances, more digital of marketing are emerging while others become outdated or less used. In reality, you can’t be sure that the method you used last year or last month will work better today. The digital marketing is evolving with the technology and also the consumers have become more informed. Internet users don’t want long texts as most of them will not read.

In attempt to increase the sales for your company or business, it is important to know some of the digital marketing trends that have reached the end of their expiry date, have been overused or are considered under performing. You have no choice but to move with the new wave of modern methods of digital advertising. Below are some of digital marketing trends that are expected to reach their expiry date and their use deteriorating by the end of 2023?

Use of long (text heavy) E-Books

In the modern days, use of mobile phones is trending like bush fire and you will find majority of the world population now have smartphones. Long e books may be the most convenient form of marketing your product or service as you will be able to give deep explanation that is satisfying but unfortunately are no longer useful to mobile phone users. Such long e books texts are useful to desktop usage but not mobile phones format as mobile internet usage has surpassed desk top usage. Most of the mobile phone users will not bother to read those long texts. Therefore your online content should be easily readable on the smart phone. To fix this problem one should consider creating content in the form of quizzes, surveys, interactive landing pages and online animation. With this, there are high chances of your message reaching a large target audience.

Using only E-mail to reach your customers

Use of email has been the most convenient form of passing messages around the world and also the best tool for business growth. However using only e mail to reach the C-suite is slowly diminishing and is more likely to expire by the end of this year. Instead of throwing out a bunch of ads and expecting them to be reasonable to your target audience, you may consider using other marketing tools that are up to date such as use of account-based marketing to target a set of  a defined set of accounts and decision makers. You can also use other platforms that will enable you to deliver different messaging and creating ads to each persona at your target account.

Use of Drip campaigns (With no personalization)

This is a form of digital marketing that involves sending of automated emails at a schedule. This includes the emails that are sent to one account after subscribing or signing in to a certain website. You can be sent an email immediately after signing up for your service or purchasing anything. From there automated mails will be sent to you in a periodical manner. With increased number of websites, one may end up receiving hundreds of emails and you only open the ones that have been addressed or are important to you and end up ignoring or deleting the rest.

It’s almost impossible to send out a series of emails that will apply to a large contact list and expect to see high engagement rates.

In modern marketing world personalization is the key to winning more customers. This form of marketing is highly likely to expire by the end of 2019.

To save it from coming from coming to an end of its use, the business enterprise should send a targeted email personalized with relevant content based on the contacts demographics, online behavior and recent engagement level.

Focusing on quantity instead of quality in blogs

As time goes by people are becoming ‘too busy’ or too lazy to read long and detailed e books and blogs.  It is believed that when you write a detailed blog there are high chances of increasing the keyword opportunity to ranks for SEO which in turn will make the blog easy to retrieve in the search engines. This is absolutely true but with the current world there is need to focus on the quality as opposed to the quantity of the blog.

The internet is saturated with the content even the buyers don’t need. They want quality content that addresses their points directly. To curb this form of digital marketing from coming to an end of its use, the blog should focus on one subject matter and make sure every blog serves a particular purpose. Failure of this will make this digital marketing strategy to become history by end of the year.

Overloading on marketing automation

Marketing Automation is software and tactics that allow companies to nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into delighted customers. This from of digital marketing makes the marketers task easier but when misused can turn off the buyer.

To save this digital marketing strategy from expiring, marketing automation should be used primarily to help with the internal marketing activities and used sparingly for outside marketing activities.

Use of Facebook organic Reach

This form of digital marketing is at all time low and continues to decrease over time. The Facebook is limiting the number of people you can reach for free by posting on your page. This requires you to use Facebook boosted posts and advertising not only to increase you reach but also to ensure you are getting your message in front of the people at the right time.

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Text-based SEO strategy

People are advancing as the time goes by and no longer want to read complex information in the internet about your product. Many companies will bulk their content to optimize keyword and improve ranking in the search engine.  Today’s consumers are all about multimedia and all they want are videos, images and audio. Therefore to keep up with the pace, you need to optimize your videos, images and audio files for searches.

Use of overly complex lead scoring algorithms

Lead scoring is a methodology used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represent to the organization. It allows a business to customize a prospects experience based on his/her buying stage and interest level and greatly improves the quality and readiness of leads that are delivered to sales organization for follow up.

If the lead scoring algorithm is too complex then all this process slows down.

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