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Does My Agency Need White Label SEO?

Do you ever sit back and think that your digital marketing agency may be burning the candles at both ends when it comes to providing SEO services to your clients?

Producing well-done SEO campaigns is a common issue many digital marketing agencies face. 

SEO is constantly changing and can be unpredictable at times with algorithms evolving rapidly, which can affect ongoing SEO campaigns.

Hence, why many agencies have issues keeping SEO campaigns on track for their clients.

In this article, we will discuss when and why your digital marketing agency may need to hire a White Label SEO Agency, as well as what these agencies can do to help your business succeed in the SEO game.

What is a White Label SEO Agency?

In the simplest terms, White Label SEO Agency provide SEO solutions for digital marketing agencies, web agencies, etc. 

How this works is that an agency (let’s say a digital marketing agency) can’t handle the number of SEO projects their team has on their hands, or they are unable to take on more clients because of a lack of manpower.

This is where a White Label SEO Agency gets hired to take on SEO work for the clients of the digital marketing agency.

The SEO solutions and services are 100% provided and completed by the White Label SEO Agency from start (usually, unless the WL SEO Agency needs to jump in a mid-campaign) to finish or they can stay on as an “extension” of your in-house team to maintain your clients SEO campaign down the line.

Because the White Label SEO Agency works in the background (kind of like a silent partner) your client does not know that you outsource their SEO project to a 3rd party SEO solution provider.

So, any SEO project or work is sold back or presented to your client under your agency name and branding.

Your organization gets full credit for the SEO campaign.

Let us now break down the process of these steps for more clarity:

The Kick Off

The White Label SEO Agency you decide to hire should ensure a seamless transition between your in-house team and your clients. Your team will relay the campaign details and campaign timelines. This also is a great starting point to know what solution and packages you would like to sell your clients.


The White Label SEO Agency will partner with your in-house team or manager with their project managers and after an overview will decide exactly which SEO package, solutions, and services that best match your clients’ wants and needs.

Pricing & Budget

After confirming which SEO solutions are needed for your clients you are now able to decide on the pricing that fits within your profit margin. You can mark up for reselling based on your client’s budget.

Commencement of your client’s SEO Project

This is where timelines are made and expectations are confirmed on all sides. You now have your client’s campaign scheduled, and the project managers will establish the timeline of the SEO campaign. For example, Starting an SEO campaign and getting it up and running can take a few weeks, but your clients will start seeing measurable results (leads and conversions) from their SEO campaign within 4-12 months.

When should I Hire a White Label SEO Agency?

Depending on your situation there could be just one or many more reasons to hire a White Label SEO Agency, but if any of the below apply to your agency you may want to consider hiring one sooner rather than later to avoid further setbacks within your business.

Client relationships are Suffering 

If your clients are not satisfied with the SEO work your agency has been putting out, then the relationship with your clients will suffer. 

Meanwhile, you are too preoccupied trying to find a solution to the issues at hand that you are unable to acquire any new clients. 

Both are such huge losses.

Your agency is most likely about to lose a client and it cant cater to any new ones which leads to your client retention rate dropping daily. 

This is a serious issue and the solution is to hire a White Label SEO Agency. 

You can keep up with your current client’s needs and keep their SEO campaigns at peak performance, which keeps them happy because they are seeing ROI and revenue from your “agency’s” efforts. 

You and your in-house team can focus on acquiring leads and closing new clients, this will keep your own agency in peak performance. 

You can offer as many SEO services and SEO solutions to your client without the nail-biting anxiety of whether you can take on more clients and more SEO projects or not.

SEO is not your area of Expertise

This applies to both digital marketing agencies, and web agencies. Different agencies provide key services they excel at better than others.

For example, web development or web design agencies deliver their client’s beautiful websites but lack the SEO to drive traffic and sales to the actual site. 

You could run a digital marketing agency but you specialize in social media marketing and need help with SEO

If you can’t do the research and collect the data needed to run a successful campaign, any blogs, vlogs, or other content including web copy can be pointless because without the right SEO campaign it is a waste of your and your team’s time.

Your agency regardless of what type of agency should focus its efforts on what it is you do best.

Different team members have different strengths and when people get pulled in different directions their motivation can lack in their area of expertise.

You can’t be an effective leader if you can’t support your in-house team member’s work efforts.

By hiring a White Label SEO Agency you and your in-house team can respectively focus on your individual areas of expertise to be able to provide your clients both current and new the very best work possible.

This adds value to your business because you are providing clients with value and solutions on all sides and this is very attractive to potential prospects and keeps your current clients happy knowing their business is in good hands

You want to offer your clients More Services but are Unable to.

SEO happens to be the number 1 digital marketing service sought after by clients. 

Digital marketing in all its forms is important, and if you have a digital marketing agency it is vital to offer your clients as many digital marketing services as you can..with a catch.

The services you offer have been executed well.

SEO is a web of strategies and tactics all wrapped up under one name but it is in no way easy to do well.

It takes serious know-how and skill to implement SEO in the right way to see measurable results.

Being that it is a very lucrative service to offer your clients, you are missing out on a great amount of profit that your agency could be making.

You are also essentially sending your clients to the competition because you don’t offer your clients the SEO services they want. 

A White Label SEO Agency can give your agency a major edge in its offerings, not only can you offer your clients your niche service(s) but offering the most wanted digital marketing service (SEO) done well can get your agency a leg up over its competition.

When you have a portfolio of offerings that showcase data-rich case studies with measurable results it is an attractant for clients.

You will be able to attract high-quality clients that are willing to spend the money because the proof is in the pudding…well in the portfolio.

When you increase your offerings you can keep current clients excited about new services your agency is offering and that is a win because they do not have to look to other agencies to get the solutions they need.

Your agency is providing them with everything they may need or didn’t know they needed.

You can cross-sell other digital marketing services with SEO such as PPC and content marketing, this keeps your clients happy and excited and it keeps your ROI and revenue rising.

You simply DO NOT OFFER SEO as a service.

Well, we kind of hit the points on why you should offer SEO, but there is a basic reason many agencies do not offer SEO services and that you don’t know SEO and one on your team does either.

This goes beyond lack of manpower, this is simply the fact you don’t offer SEO because you can’t.

Therefore a White Label SEO Agency is the best choice, you get all the SEO experts, copywriters, etc to give your client the best SEO campaign with the best measurable results.

You have no need to find and hire an SEO specialist or freelancer, to get started you just need to find the right White Label SEO Agency that fits your needs.

This is a great option for smaller agencies looking to grow, and don’t be intimidated, there are so many enterprise-level agencies who hire White Label SEO Agencies because they simply want to scale their organization.

It is a great investment.

In Conclusion

SEO is essential in any digital marketing campaign and clients know this. White Label SEO solutions from a White Label SEO Agency are a great option for any type of agency that is looking to expand its offerings, without compromising its core service and offerings.