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eBay & Myer hook-up for a unique VR shopping

There was once a time when people would be walking around shopping malls and departmental stores to get their commodities for daily usage. At present, we can clearly state that internet has helped the millions of people to be able to shop for their personal goods, by just clicking away a few options on the online shopping websites.

If we look back a decade and think about the world where people are sitting at their homes and shopping by surfing the internet, well that would have been a big question mark in fact. It would have been the last thing for us to sit in front of a screen and just get our shopping done. After a decade now, going to a shopping mall or a departmental store to shop for things is something really out of the place.

The youngsters from this generation actually wonder about the world which existed without the internet. One of the undeniable facts is that the world is at present in the hands of the World Wide Web, to put it in simple words, the technology, and the internet. It has the greatest impact on the mankind; the very existence is predominantly based upon the technology at present.

Virtual Reality (VR)

At present most of the leading tech companies and the online shopping websites are getting involved in the virtual reality. It simulates the three-dimensional images of the environment, which will give the feel to be present in the real world, but in real we will be in the virtual world. Virtual reality is mainly applied in creating types of equipment which will show different kinds of images or products in case of an online shopping website.


It is the famous departmental store, which handles trading across all the states in Australia. The organization is said to be self-governing territories of the two which the country holds. Myer is considered to be the largest departmental store chain in Australia. One of the astounding facts is that this particular venture was found almost a century ago. It is really an amazing thing that, they have been here even before the days of technology.

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The Old meets the New

eBay has been into the online trading business for around 21 years now and it is considered to be one of the biggest online platforms. Now they have decided to team up with the biggest departmental store chain in Australia which is Myer. We can say that the technology has been improvised in many different ways. Myer has its own online website where people can shop for products. Both the organizations have realized the importance of providing service to the people by the means of internet and technology.

A sneak peek into the generation of VR shopping

In the recent past, the largest marketplace Myer made an announcement that; it will be collaborating with the behemoth of online shopping websites eBay. Both the companies are planning on creating the virtual reality department store where people can shop for products seamlessly. It is a big deal for the people who enjoy shopping in the departmental store but are not happy with the crowd in the stores.

How will the VR shopping actually work?

The VR store is available to the shoppers through the link ebay.com.au, where they will be able to choose their interests, once they have selected it, the store will be set up for them to start shopping. They will have all the information about the products which seems to be appropriate for their needs.

Apart from the products which are in interest for the shopper, as they will stroll through, there will be pop-ups of other products which might be of any interest to the customer as well. The complete shopping would be dome within a span of few minutes, as they will be able to go through different department’s way faster than their physical shopping would actually do for them.

One of a kind shopping experience

It is clear that the shopping experience which the users will be receiving would of one of a kind type. eBay and Myer together have launched this virtual reality departmental store, to give their consumers a completely brand new experience. This is said to be for the first time ever in the existence there has been a shopping of this kind.

Virtual reality shopping has never before been tried by any of the big tech companies. We need to appreciate the initiative which these two companies have taken to provide a better and hassle-free service to its customers. The shoppers have an access to go through around 12,500 products before they add it to their cart to buy the product.

Specially designed for lovers of departmental store shopping

The VR departmental store has been specifically designed for the people, who love to stroll through the departmental stores and buy things which they love the most. They are a few shoppers who are not into shopping amidst a huge crowd but would like to check the products which are available. This will be a great boon for those consumers who would like to shop around at their own pace and comfort.

VR departmental store has been specifically designed and built with the personalization of the requirements of the customer. This will help them to be able to fetch the products from the store in a more easy way and keep it simple. The people who are strolling around the VR store will be provided with a great deal and offers to select from for real.

Transform the conventional way of shopping

The head of eBay Australia and New Zealand Jooman Park stated that this particular change in the way of shopping is going to drastically change the ways in which the people used to shop for things while they are strolling through the huge departmental stores and supermarkets. It is definitely going to help them to save time, energy and indeed money as well, as they will be able to buy the products at reasonable and affordable prices.

A lead towards the generation of VR shopping

Myer and eBay have launched this for the customers to trial and have a different kind of experience. They want to know how the commoners feel about this new kind of shopping, where they will get to check products available in the store by just having an access to the VR store. There is no requirement for them to go across the never ending aisles in the stores anymore.

Shoppers need not worry about the crowd anymore; they will be able to access almost all the products available. The feedback from them will definitely help to improvise the ways in which it is at present made available for them. The head stated that this is an opportunity for them to take the shoppers into the world of virtual reality shopping, it is a fact that, the people from this generation are already into the virtual world and are glad that they are able to experience this.

Final Thoughts

Things have been changing in the recent times and it is happening way more rapidly than it has been anticipated. We can clearly see that the tech companies are trying to adapt to the VR technology. This is going to alter the ways the online trading has been done so far. We can say that this partnership of eBay and Myer is going to lead them to a better tomorrow. Let’s hope for the best. Fingers crossed!!