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Everything You Need for Printing with Magicard – Printers, Systems, and Supplies

Magicard is a professional and durable ID card printer that comes with a plethora of features to cater to your needs. If you’re new to printing with Magicard, in this article we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Magicard and more.

What are the different Magicard printers and systems?

There are a plethora of Magicard ID card printers and systems to suit your needs, one of the best unique features of Magicard printers, however, is the built-in HoloKote system. This particular feature allows you to include a watermark-like design on your ID cards at no additional cost.

Recently, Magicard has also introduced printers with more security features. Some of these printers come with built-in digital data shredding so individuals aren’t able to see what has been printed. Some printers such as the 600 model also come with printer security scans to regularly update the printer and ensure that its security features are up to date.

If you need custom designs, there are also Magicard printers that come with custom designs for you to choose from. For a full experience, the Ultima printer also has a full touchscreen menu so you’re able to select the designs and options that you require with ease. 

Magicard Supplies

1. PVC Cards : – Unlike other printers, Magicard also has PVC cards that are specially designed to work with Magicard printers. These come in a variety of styles and have everything you need from an adhesive back to a HoloPatch and more. 

When it comes to printer ribbons, Magicard has a wide range of printer ribbons and can print everything from ID cards in full colour to just simple ID cards that have a bar code and member ID number. 

2. Printer Ribbons :- If you’re not sure if you need a colour or monochrome printer ribbon, Magicard even has a find your ribbon tool on their website so you can find the ribbons that match with your printer – how convenient is that?

3. Magicard Overlaminates :- If you’d like to laminate your cards to ensure that they’re both durable and long-lasting, you can go ahead and laminate your design. These laminate films typically come in both clear and holographic so you’re able to choose the one that best suits your needs.

4. Magicard Cleaning Kits :- Magicard also supplies cleaning kits so you can ensure that your ID card printer doesn’t have too much dust and debris that could end up damaging your printer. The cleaning kit comes with everything you could need whether that be cleaning pens, wipes, cleaning rollers and more. 

Getting started with Magicard

Magicard printers are great if you’re looking to print high-quality and professional ID cards. Not only do they come in a wide array of designs, but they’ve also got some great supplies that will help you get started on your ID card printing journey.

When it comes to selecting your Magicard printer, make sure you’re doing sufficient research and choosing a Magicard printer that best suits your needs.

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