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Features of Entitlement Server

With the advancements in technology, mobile phones are evolving rapidly to offer new and very innovative features to users. There is an influx in the rate of eSIM consumer devices as eSIM is used to connect wearables, PCs, tablets, and smartphones, among others. These devices enable end-users to enjoy more advanced functionalities and features with increased bandwidth and network capacity.

What is an entitlement server?

The escalation of new cellular-connected devices has made it difficult for operators to manage all connections in related settings. There is a need for a more efficient and effective method of managing these connections, which is the purpose of an entitlement server. An entitlement server allows providers to expand their businesses into the up-and-coming markets with a single and efficient platform.

How does an eSIM entitlement server work?

When there is an integration of the network operator and the device, an entitlement server is enabled. Entitlements server allows operators to let devices be aware of which services are available for use on their network and choose which subscribers are permitted to access the services. This server is designed to fit between the network operator and the device to manage and abstract any complexities.

Important features of eSIM entitlement server

The Entitlements Server is a product featuring the provisioning of e-sims for both secondary and primary devices and also 5G, voice over LTE (voLTE), and voice over WIFI (voWIFI) service entitlement. This product is fully attuned with specifications to do with eSIM provisioning and services entitlement to function efficiently.

Entitlement Server comes with service entitlement use cases, as well as other features to promote functionality. ES has a powerful reporting and statistics engine and a graphical user interface that allows administration and management. ES permits different types of device authentication, multi agency support, and webinar integration, which are all key features that promote functionality.

VolTE and VoWIFI entitlement

The entitlements server allows only the authenticated and authorized devices in the service through the accurate claim of VoLTE subscriptions. Similarly, this product guarantees correct entitlement of VoWIFI (voice-over WIFI) subscriptions, similarly for authentication and authorization of devices using the service.

Provisioning of eSIMs

Entitlements Server ensures primary and secondary device provisioning. Primary device positioning is done by eSIM provisioning to the main devices of the subscriber. The provisioning of eSIMs facilitates the download of eSIMs without necessarily visiting the CSP, or employing QR codes. Secondary device positioning eases the process for users. This is possible through the facilitation of the download of eSIMs to other secondary devices from different device manufacturers.

Transfer of eSIM

Entitlements Server makes it easy for the subscriber to transfer eSIMs between devices. The transfer of eSIM functionality is possible for both primary and secondary subscriber devices. Entitlements Server is a device network functionality tasked with solving the IMS service configuration issues.

Integration of web sheets

During the process of activation, the Entitlements Server is used in device on-boarding to integrate web sheets for the end-user to interact with. Web sheets are very crucial to devise entitlements and device onboarding processes. This feature is meant to guarantee a flawless end-user experience.

Handling of notifications

Entitlements Server is a product that can be integrated with FCM services and APNs to request as well as send notifications. The notifications sent are synchronized and related to specific services to and from the user’s devices.

Connecting companion devices

The entitlements server is continually used by operators today to multiply their subscriptions through remote eSIM provisioning of companion devices which are the fastest-growing such as Samsung gear, Huawei devices, and Apple watches.

What is the use of the eSIM Entitlement Server?

Entitlements Server is a specification used by mobile operators to ensure end-users get a consistent and effective experience. The ES acts as an interface between the end user’s device and the network operator, and it sits within the device operator’s networks.

The primary function of the Entitlements Server is to guarantee that the network is compatible with the advanced network features needed by a specific device. The ES also ensures that the end-user or subscriber is permitted to access the said features. The ES also facilitates the workflows to condition these features on the device and the network alike.


With an eSIM entitlement server, you can connect to a new breed of devices and configure the service settings across all devices over the air. It is also instrumental in the management of subscriber authentication and delivering next-generation and impeccable services to end-users.

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