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Fiber Optic or DSL Internet: Which One Should I Choose

Many people are confused about which one- fiber optic or DSL internet they should choose. Today, most countries in the world are connected to the Internet. But have you ever wondered how this internet reaches us? In general, we all think that the Internet works through satellites. But the reality is completely different. 98% of the internet works with the help of optical fiber or copper phone lines. This optical fiber is a very thin glass fiber special. Even it is thinner than hair.

On the other hand, the full meaning of DSL is the digital subscriber line. Getting a broadband connection through a digital line is called DSL. In this case, you can get a high-speed internet connection

Again, the question that usually arises in our minds is that if no cable is connected while using mobile, then why is it talking about a cable called optical fiber that is used mostly. Usually, the internet comes to our mobile from the nearest tower. And from that tower, the cable is connected to the server where we browse the website.

Anyway, today we will learn about the difference between Fiber Optic Internet and DSL Internet and which one offers us good results.

Fiber Optic Internet

Optical fiber is a transparent but flexible fiber made of glass (silica) or plastic. Optical fibers are mainly used for internet and data transmission and are slightly thicker in diameter than a human hair. The center part of the optical fiber is called the core, which is made of thin glass and its diameter is usually 10-100 µm (micrometers). The core is surrounded by a glass covering called cladding and the core and cladding parts are protected by a plastic grating.

Light travels the optical fiber through the full internal reflection of light. When light enters glass or plastic fibers, the light inside it travels from one end of the fiber to the other as a result of full internal reflection. Since the light does not come out of the fiber anywhere, the advantage of high speed of light can be utilized in the exchange of information, i.e. it is possible to send the signal much faster.

DSL Internet

DSL is the Digital Subscriber Line which is the fastest way to send information through a simple telephone line. The Internet can be accessed via DSL from telephone lines only with models. There are two types of DSL – ADSL and SDSL. The download speed of ADSL cable is 1.5 megabits per second and the upload speed is 256 kilobits per second. ADSL can be a great way for users who download more than upload. However, ADSL is a barrier for different servers or those who stream. They can use SDSL where download and upload speeds are equal, about 640 kilobits per second.

Which one should I use – Fiber Optic or DSL Internet?

The more we connect to the internet, the more we feel the need for a strong internet connection like frontier wifi. Currently, Fiber is known as the fastest and most reliable internet. However, many people also think about DSL internet. In that case, the following comparative discussion will help you to choose one of the two.

As we all know, Fiber Optic uses Ultra-Thin Glass which carries light, whereas DSL uses a copper phone line. And we know that light travels very fast on fiber optic cable, so the fiber can deliver much faster internet speeds than DSL. So you can easily watch high-quality videos with many people with the help of fiber optic cable and you will get more speed in other tasks.

On the other hand, although DSL internet is easily available, it does not guarantee high speed. And in some cases, fiber optic lines are not available in some areas, they are reaching all corners of the globe very quickly. Again, there is no hassle of installation to get the connection setup in DSL. But it takes a little longer to set up or install a fiber optic connection. Apart from this, it is convenient to get used to fiber optics at once.

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Similarly, considering the speed and other advantages of DSL and fiber optic internet, we see better facilities in fiber optic. Fiber optic internet is very fast now even if you take it a little further. So fiber optic internet will help you to meet your needs with little effort.


Finally, the current world is dependent on the Internet. In each case, we are looking for a solution on Google and YouTube by searching, does frontier have wifi. We manage our lives by relying on the internet. The internet is what we need in every case. Education, business, online income, Office, in every sector we need internet access. The world is useless without the internet. So use the internet properly, get used to high-speed internet like fiber optic, and make life beautiful and fast.

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