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Finding the Live Chat Software that is Right for You

Including a live chat software into your marketing, sales and customer service strategy can improve the efficiency of your businesses manifold. Over the last few years live chat revamped the entire customer service process, reducing the time it takes for a business to respond to a customer query drastically.

Statistics are clear that live chat improves customer experience. And statistics are available because one of the main characteristics of the best live chat applications is the extensive monitoring and recording of user behaviour. Harnessing this data is relatively easy thanks to the detailed and multifaceted reports these powerful apps can assemble.

By analysing this data, you can customise your services and respond to your business needs effectively. Check out a few of the best live chat systems available below, and see how their versatility can improve your website.

Olark – Live Chat Software

This is an excellent software for small businesses. It allows you to customise the chat windows according to your brandi, and it automatically analyses customer behaviour and answers. One of the biggest advantages of this system is its integration with third party platforms such as Shopify, WordPress and Mailchimp. This interconnectivity allows for data analysis across platforms.

Intercom – Live Chat Software

This live chat software can be used for three main categories: sales, customer engagement and customer support. It was designed for small to midsize businesses. You can choose among several plans, depending on your goals and needs.

Pure Chat – Live Chat Software

Unlike many other live chat apps, Pure Chat is a free option for small businesses, perfect for a first-time solution. The software provides a wide variety of features including mobile responsive design, unlimited chats, platform integrations and canned responses. Chat windows can be customised to match your brand, and completed chat transcripts can be saved for future use. As a free service, it is a popular choice for many new businesses.

WhosOn – Live Chat Software

In addition to a full-sized chat service, the system also provides small to midsized businesses with chat surveys that help businesses gather a variety of valuable information about current and potential customers. This will allow you to work out how to provide the right type of response to individual customers.

You can also create triggers that are based on on-site activity, which is the perfect way to offer a proactive service. There are different plans with various monthly installments per agent available.

LiveChat – Live Chat Software

This is the ideal solution for small businesses. It offers a range of features like brand customisation and colour coded customer circles. LiveChat allows customers to review how effective the service was after the chat has taken place, and the chats can then be shared on social media, which can be good for brand exposure.

For a small business, the choice can be slightly overwhelming, as each of the best live chat platforms has its own unique virtues. But after reviewing your business’s needs, you will be in better position to pick up the one right for you.

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