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Best Free Anime Streaming Sites

Best Free Anime Streaming Sites in 2024

Anime is one form of a cartoon which is most very popular across the world. In the 90s, young kids spent hours in front of their televisions to watch their favourite Animes.

But things have changed, haven’t they? Hardly anyone waits for a TV show real-time in 2024.

But do they give their favourite shows a miss? Absolutely, not! They have found out other ways to watch them by tuning in to their favourite Apps for Streaming Anime Online.

This blog is dedicated to those people who cannot find the right set of apps to watch Anime of their choice. Don’t worry, there are plenty of solutions for you.

Hope you check these out.

Kissanime – Best Anime Streaming Site 2024

Best Anime Streaming Site

Are you a die-hard anime lover? And still, you haven’t heard about Kissanime? That’s surprising. It is the most widely used Anime streaming application. 

You will feel like entering into the world of Anime when you open this app. There are thumbnails which come out live when you hover your mouse on them. 

All the anime cartoons are arranged in chronological order right on the homepage when a user opens the application. The user can filter out videos using categories, genre, release date, from the main menu itself.

Sadly, it pops out ads before playing a video which can be annoying at times. Also, users don’t have the privilege to alter the video resolution.

Funimation – Best Anime Streaming Site

Best Anime Streaming Site

Many of us don’t understand the Japanese language. But we cannot get rid of the action, adventure, and stories of Anime. Download Funimation if Japanese is a foreign language for you.

All the episodes and series in Funimation are dubbed in other languages so that it has a global reach. English dubbed series and movies of super hit Anime cartoons are available in this app. Whichever country you hail from, there is no stopping to Anime entertainment from Funimation. 

GoGoAnime – Best Anime Streaming Site

How can you watch Anime online for free? You can use GoGoAnime. This is your go-to application if you want to see the chartbusters of the Anime world. 

Unlike Funimation, GoGoAnime only streams Anime content in Japanese. While some you will be disheartened with this news, if you understand Japanese, you can watch the season’s best right after their release.

Stream rich, HD anime content using GoGoAnime, one of the best Apps for Streaming Anime Online.

9Anime – Best Anime Streaming Site

Best Anime Streaming Sites

Laptops, iPads, and smart televisions these days do not air shows in standard definition. And consumers are also using lots of data to enjoy the richness of vivid pixels and higher resolution.

Imagine having a high-end HD TV but watching a pixelated cartoon in standard definition. Boring right?

Introduce yourself to 9Anime. For people in Japan, there is no better substitute. It allows users to stream ultra high definition Anime series and movies making it stand out. 

This application also gives users a teaser of what Anime content is coming up next. Be it a new movie or series, you can have a glimpse and wishlist it for a future watch.

AnimeFreak – Best Anime Streaming Site

This app has quite a self-explanatory name, don’t you think. It immediately gives the notion that if you are an insane Anime fan, AnimeFreak must be in your bucket list of apps. 

This app features comics, series, movies, and latest episodes of every anime show currently airing. Users can segregate their list using parameters such as alphabetical order, release date, star rating, etc. 

There are a few bests and worsts of this app like the rest. The best part is that you can sort content in an Alphabetic list. The worst part is the irritating ads popping up every now and then.

Netflix – Best Anime Streaming Site

Best Anime Streaming Sites

Netflix is a premium application for streaming Anime shows. It supports all major global languages and is available in most countries.

In Netflix, it is easy to find your favourite anime content. If you don’t understand the native language while streaming the show, you can choose English dubbed audio and subtitles from the audio settings.

This is great. But one thing that is not so is that you may not find many anime series out there. Netflix chooses the series and movies it would air, and the rest are unavailable on their platform.

Moreover, you can stream for free as long as you are using the trial version. Netflix is downloaded for free, users need to subscribe to Netflix to continue using the platform for Anime.

Amazon Prime Video – Best Anime Streaming Site

Best Anime Streaming Sites

Are you searching Apps for Streaming Anime Online? Why not settle down with Amazon Prime?

It has all the features that Netflix has to offer. But, it hosts different series and movies in its platform for entertainment.

And no, you cannot get Anime comics from Prime Video. There is plenty of anime content that you can watch free Amazon Prime videos. 

But before that, you have to download the app and sign up with your credentials. Users have to subscribe to Prime videos after their trial period is over to continue watching the best Anime shows on the platform.

MyAnimeList – Best Free Anime Streaming Site

Looking for an open-source website where you can stream anime content? There are many, we know that. But how many of them do not show ads, is a tough question to answer.

In 2020, Apps for Streaming Anime Online cannot exclude an application that has a simple and understandable user interface. App stores witness large downloads of this app as users do not struggle to use it and watch their favourite Anime shows.

AnimeHeaven – Best Free Anime Streaming Site

Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Well, hence the name. 

It is not just a regular app. It is like a master app which has all the links to the best Anime streaming sites. If you don’t have space in your smart device to download the above application, you can work around with this.

There are tabs where users can discover the desired movie or series. Each show is associated with a description box where the viewer gets a bit of information about the show. 

Your Anime watching experience will be the best of the rest, as this app has HD streaming service with English subtitles.

Anime-Planet – Best Anime Streaming Site

Best Anime Streaming Sites

That’s right! It is not Animal Planet. 

But it has quite the same popularity. Ask why?

Because this one of those Apps for Streaming Anime Online where you can get plenty of other sites to stream your content from. 

Just like the previous application, most of the features include tons of Anime cartoon content, a good description of the show, details of the show, the ratings and reviews, etc. 

The USP of this application is that it is more like an Anime community. It has a section where you can make friends online who equally adore watching Anime cartoons.

Isn’t it amazing to watch a show with your friend who shares the same interest? It will help you exchange emotions and have twice the fun of enjoying watching that alone.


So this is the most comprehensive list of the Apps for Streaming Anime Online. There are a few more, but they have the same features more or less. 

For the ones who are crazy about Anime, we think you have already downloaded anime app and started following your favourite show. Happy watching!

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