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Free Image Guide: How to Expertly Use Stock Photos for Your Business

It’s been proven that content with compelling images gets more clicks, more traffic, and more conversions. So, why wouldn’t you use free images in your business?

Using captivating images for your website or blog helps people form a connection with your business and draws them in.

How do you find stock images online without violating any copyrights? The truth is, finding a free image to use is simple and easy.

What Is a Royalty Free Stock Image?

Essentially, royalty free stock images are available for you to use in a specific way. You won’t own the image itself. The photographer will retain the copyright, allowing them to keep ownership while letting others use the image.

Why Use a Free Image?

There are a multitude of reasons to use images in your online business. Articles with images get exponentially more views than those without any. Potential customers are also more likely to choose a business with images that resonate with them. 

Many people are scared off by copyrights and royalties, but the truth is there are tons of free resources out there to take your business to the next level. When these images are available at no cost to you or your business, why not go for it?

How to Find Free Images

So, where do you find images for free? Fortunately, there are many, many sites out there that will offer you tons of royalty free images to use.

A simple google search will bring up a plethora of sites, but some of the best ones to start with are Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images.

You can even create your own images with places like Adobe Spark Post. This is great if you like to think of yourself as a bit of a photographer and like to get a little creative.

Where to Use Free Photos Online

If you’re wondering where to start using images, here are some great ideas for where to begin. These are just a few ideas and not a comprehensive list.

Images for Blog Posts

When people read blogs, they are looking for easy to digest content. The right images will help break up the text and make the article easier to read.

Your Website

The right images on your business website can help you look more professional, legitimate, and relatable. Take some time choosing images that speak to who you are as a company and draw potential customers in.

Business E-mails

Whether you’re sending out an e-mail series or a single introductory offer, don’t skimp on the pictures here. Compelling images make your e-mail more enjoyable to read.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect free image for your business blog, email, or other content marketing can make a huge difference for your business. Help form connections and brand loyalty with your customers by utilizing this simple tool.

There are so many ways you can use this method to increase your sales, following, or clients. Why not get started using free photos online today?

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