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Godaddy Hosting Review – Perfect for All or Selected Few?

When it comes to domain buying and web hosting, GoDaddy is probably one of the most recognised and best reviewed names in the industry. With more than 17 million customers worldwide and more than 70 million domain names under its management, GoDaddy is among the most trusted companies providing hosting services. While Godaddy is certainly a big name, it is quite possible that user groups have different opinion about its offerings. That’s why we took time to carefully study Godaddy hosting services to share a truly honest Godaddy hosting review.

GoDaddy Hosting Reviews – Distinguishing Traits

GoDaddy has built a strong global presence of its hosting services by customizing the whole experience to local cues. For every major business relevant region, it has created tailored website experience, local advertising, and brand presence.

Let’s have a look at unique features promised by the GoDaddy which encourage businesses, entrepreneurs, and brands to choose it as web hosting provider. These features are listed as follows:

Diverse web hosting plans

GoDaddy offers a massive range of web hosting plans which have been designed by keeping in mind the requirements of small businesses, midsize businesses, and big brands. Under Web Hosting and Business Hosting, it has multiple plans that fit every budget.

To capture interest of small businesses, it introduced small high-value monthly hosting plans that are greatly helping the company add to its user base. No wonder, GoDaddy Hosting Reviews are majorly positive.

Unmatched uptime

One of the most promising features of GoDaddy is that it assures an uptime of 99.96% which is equal to less than a day in a year. This is the reason why millions of offline and online businesses trust GoDaddy to keep their business live online, at all time. Very few hosting service providers can match the uptime promise of Godaddy and hence lack the raving Godaddy hosting reviews. Please note that 100% uptime is not possible due to unavoidable technical problems.

Business growth services

GoDaddy started as domain registrar and hosting service provider but over the passage of time, it has evolved into something big. Today, GoDaddy also provides services such as Turnkey Development Products, Online Marketing, Security Solutions, and Email & office Solutions. Diversification is one of the biggest strengths of GoDaddy and another reason why it is given 5-star reviews by business owners looking for one-stop solutions.

In short, you can just choose a domain name or hosting plan from GoDaddy, or buy a complete package of professional website development, cloud storage, dedicated hosting, a complete set of e-commerce tools, and so on.

Competitive pricing

GoDaddy hosting review cannot be complete without a special mention of its pricing strategy. GoDaddy understands that a small business requires a smaller hosting plan in comparison to an online store with huge traffic. It also understands that some business owners require multiple offerings while other wish to opt for just one service to begin with. That’s why GoDaddy has vast range of packages on offer price very competitively.

The pricing of GoDaddy hosting plans is transparent and comes with a variety of options to choose from. From shared to dedicated servers, it has everything businesses need to grow digitally. And yes, it has both Linux and Windows driven hosting solutions.

Easy setup and management

Over the years, GoDaddy has created a smooth setup process which can be taken care of without much technical knowhow. This is one of the reasons behind the growing popularity of GoDaddy amongst small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The user control options of GoDaddy are very popular in the world of web hosting. It has a simple and easy to use control panel with powerful built-in functionality that makes account management, upgrades, and payments very easy. Such focus to ease of usage is a big reason behind rave GoDaddy hosting reviews.

Unmatched support

Even though GoDaddy has made the process of hosting management unbelievably simple, there are some tasks in which it is hard to manage on our own. For such occasions, GoDaddy makes provision of a strong support team that is available on phone, email, and live chat.

The support is usually provided in local language which further improves the experience of customers. Unlike other web hosting providers, GoDaddy also allows you to cancel your hosting plan for a full refund as long as you do within the trial period.

GoDaddy team works hard towards providing amazing customer support. The strength of more than 6000 employees makes GoDaddy one of the largest and most popular hosting service providers. They continuously work to improve their services, removes bugs, and address customer grievances.

Amazing Speed

GoDaddy has made huge investment in hosting technology and has a talented team that works around the clock to further enhance server performance. This has led to amazing speed which directly benefits the websites being hosted with GoDaddy. Another great thing about GoDaddy hosting is that they maintain a good average speed with very few fluctuations over the months.

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Godaddy Hosting Review – Customers Speak

Since GoDaddy has been active in the hosting industry for over 2 decades, it has thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals to vouch for their services. Below are some of the GoDaddy hosting reviews gathered from the internet:

“I am using GoDaddy services from past 5 years. I bought several domains and used web hosting services offered by GoDaddy. The pricing was in my budget and setup support was great. Thanks guys.” – Sam, Germany

 “I launched my business website after buying domain and hosting from GoDaddy. I would recommend each one of you to consider GoDaddy as a web hosting provider. The uptime and speed is amazing” – Lovi, Japan.

GoDaddy is certainly the leader in hosting for a reason. It has the mix of technology, affordability and support that most business owners and entrepreneurs require nowadays.

Are you using GoDaddy hosting and want to post a review? Share the same in the comments section and we will consider your GoDaddy hosting review for addition in the post!