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7 Secret Google Tricks You Need To See

Which search engine do you use? I am sure you are using “Google” because you are here in this article to find google tricks. In fact, almost everyone uses Google as their primary search engine. Because it is very user-friendly and easy to use and shows incredible search results. A recent study depicts that Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. 

Moreover, it has the highest number of daily users among all other search engines. There are some fun facts about google you must try and experience once in your lifetime I am sure you will enjoy them, here I am sharing 7 cool tricks about google.

Google Tricks You Would Love to See

Here are some of the exciting google tricks you are going to enjoy. You just try these fun tricks to have a great time.

#1 Google TrickDo a Barrel Roll

It is indeed a fun trick that you are going to enjoy. You can show it to your mates to entertain them. For a Barrel Roll Trick, go to the Google homepage and type “Do a Barrel Roll” without quotes in the search bar and press Enter. And you can see the google page spinning like a barrel. You may think that what happened to your system when you do this for the first time. But this is just for fun, so you can take a snapshot and share it with your friends and see how they react. I’m sure even they will also get amazed and appreciate this google trick.

#2 Google Trick – Do You Want to Tilt Your Google Page?

Here’s another interesting trick you will surely find exciting. Just the same way as Barrel Roll Trick, go to the Google home page and type “Askew” in the search bar. Now you’re going to be shocked to see that the google page has been turned with a slight angle. It is another way to impress your friends with such an awesome trick. You can send the “Askew” link or send a snapshot of your google page to see how your friends are responding.

#3 Google TrickMeet the Baby Google

Do you want to see how “Google” looks at its inception? Then type “Google in 1998” in the search bar on the Google Homepage and click “I’m feeling lucky.” You’ll find out how the google homepage was at that time. Share it with your buddies and let them get to know the baby Google, too. This cool trick gives you the chance to see how “Google” appeared once.

#4 Google TrickZerg Rush

This is one of the most impressive Google tricks ever. Enter “Zerg Rush” in the Google search bar, and click “I Feeling Lucky” to see the magic. During this wait to see the search results, you will find that 6 rings are dropping from the top of the google search page to erasing the search results one by one. Upon erasing all the search results on the page, rings on all sides join together to form “GG” in the center of the search page. This is very cool, I’m sure you’re going to find it exciting. Share this fun, exciting google trick with your best buddies and let them enjoy it.

#5 Google TrickGoogle Gravity

Press the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button after entering  “Google Gravity” in the search bar. It will open a Search page, which will drop at the smallest move of the mouse and be dragged to the bottom as if it were the impacts of gravity. Right now, simply left-click an icon and move it around, it’ll follow your mouse. And if you hit it with other icons they start to move like they are floating on the screen. You can play with it by moving around the icon all over the screen and you will get bored after some time. 

#6 Google Trick – Play the Google Guitar

Once again, go to Google homepage, type “Google Guitar” in the search bar and click “I’m Feeling Lucky” this will open an advanced guitar for you. You can use this to stum as you wish, and you can practice your creativity. This is a perfect tool for guitarists to practice and create new beats on the digital guitar.  You can use this to test your guitar sills and another fantastic trick is that, if you put any letter in the search bar, the digital guitar will play the respective note of that letter, for instance, if you enter the letter “d” in the search bar, the Google guitar will play the original note “d”.

#7 Google TrickBlink HTML

Go to the Google homepage and type ” Blink HTML” in the search bar. In the search result, you can see that both HTML, Blink, and any combination of these two words flash through the web page. This is another great google trick you can share with your friends.


Google has always helped us in a variety of ways, isn’t it? And it is sort of hard to foresee a future where Google doesn’t exist. The incredible search engine is very simple and user friendly. As I’ve mentioned some of the cool tricks, I am sure that you will definitely enjoy and appreciate them. Please do share these magical tricks with your friends.

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