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Green Tire Technology

As part of a global endeavour, several developed nations have put an end to the use of tires that potentially harm our environment. This measure was agreed upon by international automakers, manufacturers, and distributors. The term green technology stands for anything that is meant to protect the earth’s environment and allow our ecosystem to flourish. The same concept was put into work while developing sustainable tires. 

In this article, we shall take a deeper look into what makes green tires such a great option for making a vehicle environment-friendly.

How are Green tires different from normal ones?

From a technical standpoint, green tires are so-called because they have a completely different composition from normal tires that we see everywhere. Green tires became unavoidable once the European legislation made it mandatory to show every single tire’s eco-rating all over the continent. Now it became a necessity for people to use eco-friendly tires in order to avoid penalties. Many top-tier manufacturers sprang into action as soon as the market has shown increasing demand for green technology to be used in tires. That is how green tires came into existence and slowly grew famous outside of Europe.

The process of manufacturing green tires is mainly focused to be fuel efficient so that it does not serve as a main participant of eco-pollution. It contains more than 200 different types of constituents and less than a dozen varieties of natural rubber. The ingredients of green tires allow them to have characteristics that normal commercial tires do not have. Having so many active constituents makes green tires hypothetically, the best kind of tires. But it also makes it a little too expensive at the moment than other easily available tire options in the market.

But people and businesses that prioritise the sustainability of our planet always incline towards green tire technology rather than other available alternatives that are way less expensive.

Does green tire technology work?

Plenty of scientific research has found out that green tires are way less harmful to our ecosystem than the commercial tires used in every corner of the world. Not only is the green tire technology successful in saving our planet but it is also a total money-saving option. Green tires bear less resistance when they hit the road and are quiet in comparison to others.

In case you are thinking less resistance means a not-so-balanced grip, then you are forgetting to consider the fact that these tires are developed through consistent R&D inside the world’s best labs only to perform better than the alternatives.

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Reasons to use green tires 

If eco-friendliness and long wear are not enough to tempt you to try green tires then check out the following additional reasons why people should turn to green tires as soon as possible.

  1. These are made to outperform normal automobile tires that have been ruling this space for far too long. Normal tires, no matter how advanced and efficient they become in the future, it is always going to be harmful to nature and the earth’s environment. So it is a smart decision to switch to green tires.
  2. The enhanced grip found in green tires is not common to most commercial brand tires. Tire grip ensures that a driver stays in full control of his vehicle no matter the conditions. After years of development, top manufacturers managed to think of a special composition that improves the grip in the case of green tires.
  3. Green tires are known to cause less noise and perform practically noiseless which comes in handy for all drivers whether you an expert or just a person who loves long drives. Noise emerging from your tires can be a bit too much at times and most people tend to replace their tires when they become too noisy. This results in extra maintenance which is not required when you have green tires.
  4. Carbon emissions are the reason why European legislation wanted to make sure that the eco-rating of each and every pair of tires (new and old) be improved. The amount of carbon in our environment has reached a dangerous level. In some countries, the air is practically toxic to breathe in. in such a crisis, we must move forward with replacing commercial and harmful tires with eco-friendly tires.
  5. Since these tires make use of tightly bonded rubber, it retains far more energy than other types of tires. More energy is synonymous with less resistance and thus even less wear and tear. It takes a long time to be completely worn down so people can save money on repairs and installations if they have green tires.

Undoubtedly, Green tires are a brand new breed of tires that are slowly gaining traction and support in the European markets.