As all the users know, the licensing process of the oracle is pretty complicated. It requires a lot of effort to even understand the rules related to the downloading. Moreover, the rules change a lot without any announcements. When businesses and organizations try to tackle all these issues alone, with their internal efforts only, the end up paying a lot more than needed.

Oracle licensing without an external partner

Usually, in a company, most employees of the IT department can easily download software. The Software once downloaded get registered in the account of the Oracle. The company gets a period of two months to pay for the download. But if the employee forgets about the downloaded payment, the company ends up with an unlicensed software in their system. Oracle doesn’t send any inquiry in case the company doesn’t pay. And eventually, the company’s system becomes a storage of unlicensed software, which no one knows about.

If the management of the Software is not conducted soon, the organization risks the threat of audit from the Oracle. In that situation, the business loses its credibility and end up paying a lot. Another issue that arises is during the changing of the hardware. It has been seen that companies fail to manage a proper record of the software, which increases the chance of an audit.

Apart from the audit risk, a business gets only small discounts while buying the software from Oracle. On the other hand, this discount can be increased to a great level with the help of an external partner. Business owners try to find the best deals during which they forget to focus on their own needs and pay extra for unnecessary licenses.

Having anoracle database licensing support

With a support from a partner, a company can keep a record of all the downloaded software. These people also keep an eye on the downloading that your employees do. This is how one can manage all the licenses.

The professional people analyze your business to come up with a strong licensing strategy that focuses only on your needs. These people don’t just save you from buying extra, but also get you a lot of discounts on your purchases.

During the software or the hardware shift, they help the IT department in the transfer of all downloads. This is how they save the organization from unnecessary downloads. The audit risk gets reduced and the company gets a better idea of their annual payments on the purchases.

The amount of money one saves can be used in other sections of the business in order to get an improved work environment. The business can create a fixed budget of their annual expenditure of the database system.

Apart from all the mentioned benefits, experts provide all the necessary upgrades and updates that are necessary to your business. It helps the business to ease their work process. They can get a better access to their clients, customers, and other stakeholders.

All in all, having an expert support is the best way to handle your Oracle database.