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How Artificial Intelligence Tech (AI) Is Working to Create Positive Change

We’ve seen some amazing things come to life in the past couple of decades thanks to the incredible advancements in the tech industry. One of the innovations to come out of this digital era is artificial intelligence tech. We’ve been hearing a lot about it lately, and even though it’s not exactly a new technology, it’s been on the receiving end of a lot of attention in the media and the academic circles alike. The possibilities that AI has to offer are seemingly endless, but instead of focusing on what may come of it, here are some positive ways in which it’s already making life easier. But you must know that AI is going to revolutionize every industry, so getting skilled in AI will help you in securing your future. Take up this industry-graded Artificial Intelligence Course and get up to speed in AI.

Super Sic Bo Fans Can Rest Easier

Most people that love playing games of luck are already aware that an online casino is a place to enjoy Super Sic Bo and a massive collection of other table games and slots that provide a great deal of entertainment. These websites often host promotions and offer bonuses that can better the odds of hitting the jackpot, but in some unfortunate cases people can end up developing gambling addiction which can have a big negative impact on their lives.

For this reason, a lot of online casinos use AI to follow the behavioral patterns of players while playing and weed out cases where the risk of gambling addiction is a possibility. This way they can offer resources for getting help and treatment. If you’re wondering how to find a live casino online in India after this interesting bit of information, you can check out some helpful guides. Now go out there, have some fun, and remember to play responsibly.

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A Safer Social Media Presence 

Social media has taken over the world as one of the biggest means of entertainment and communication. When anything gains as much steam as social media platforms have, there are bound to be people out there looking for ways to abuse it. One of the ways people use social media as a weapon is by posting what’s called “revenge porn” on it, which are nude or near-nude images posted without permission of the person presented in them. 

This act is done to hurt the victim and publicly humiliate them but thanks to platforms like Facebook and their implementation of AI tech, these images can be detected very quickly after they’re posted and taken down. This saves the victims a lot of trouble by getting the content out of sight and spares them from the often long and painful process of having to report the content and resolve the issue with an agent.

Online Shopping Gets Even Better

Online retail is possibly one of the best things to come out of the digital age. Instead of having to make trips to the store, we can simply open up our browsers, perform a quick search, and get whatever we need to be delivered right to our doorstep. We also often find it impossible to find certain items we want in the area we live in, and thanks to online shops, we have the opportunity to access things we otherwise wouldn’t be able to. 

Now, the online shopping experience is even easier thanks to the implementation of AI. Most of the big online retailers use AI in many ways, and one of them is to track the buying habits of their users to create a more personalized shopping experience. Through information about our previous shopping habits, these online retailers are then able to recommend us items that seem to match our taste, and in a lot of cases, items we might not have even known we needed.

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