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How Do I Find the Best Baby Stroller?

You will find that having the best baby stroller can be heaven-sent especially when moving babies about from one location to another. Choosing the best strollers for babies is something that parents have to reflect on even before the baby arrives. Decades ago, there were very few types of stroller, usually limiting parents in handling their little ones. But today, there are different forms and function-based models of strollers, each offering different benefits and price range.

The next question then is how to find the best one for your baby. Here is a criterion which most satisfied parents live by: Safety first. It must have a five-point harness to restrain baby from falling off. The buckles must be easy for adults to latch and unlatch without compromising baby’s comfort. It must have easy access brakes that can lock and unlock its wheels.

Age-appropriate placements; it also needs to be a comfy place to toddlers to lie down on and have a nap. For this reason, choose a stroller that can cater to both so you don’t have to buy a new one when the baby grows. It is also best if you get one that has fold able canopies that can be adjusted protect the baby from direct sunlight and other disturbing elements.

Accessible parent “hold on”: The handle bars must be adjustable for comfort. It must have rubber grips on to prevent the stroller from slipping out of your hands. Foam covered handles that have non-slip treads are best for comfort and security.

Easy move about: Choose a stroller that has a wide wheel base that swivels. Its wheels must not hit your feet when you walk fast. It improves stability and increases maneuverability. The stroller must make corners smoothly, especially in a crowded area.

Simply fold able and portable: Fold it easy and be on the go! The best stroller must be able to open and fold with one hand as you will need the other hand to hold the baby. Check its bulk. When folded, the stroller must be able to fit in the trunk of your vehicle and still have enough space for other items that you will lug around. Consider its weight and its width.

Should be an easy clean type: Take note of the frame material that the potential stroller will have. Plastic frames can be washed with soap and water while those with metal frames better have detachable and washable fabrics for cleaning.

Lifestyle check: The parent’s mobility has a say on what model should they buy for the baby. Lightweight strollers are great for short trips while heavier, multi-purpose ones are for long travels. Strollers with convenience features are great if you travel often with baby.

Classic durability: High quality strollers with classic, gender neutral colors are a steal if you intend to have more than one baby. This type may be more expensive but lasts for a long time.

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